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6075 2015-07-12 14:30 sfcchaz (user activity428) - Found it

I spent the day doing some alternate caching on the eastern shore and in Delaware. By the end of the day I found 5 Terracaches, 2 Opencaching North America geocaches, 2 GeoVexilla Flags, 1 GeoDashing dashpoint and 6 Groundspeak caches that just happened to be where I was at the time I stopped for something else.

This was the last find of the day. I DNFd this one quite a while ago, so I was eager to get this one off the nag list. Unfortunely the cahe was completely soaked and starting to mildew. So much so I could not sign the log. See picture. Even the pathtags DudleyGrunt left had started rusting. The CO should pay this one a visit and replace the container with a water tight one. I removed the pathtags to clean them up and place them in another cache. TFTC

Pictures for this log entry:
soaked cache
soaked cache

5692 2015-03-21 12:00 DudleyGrunt (user activity669) - Found it

Stopped by after visiting Terrapin Park while working on Cache Across Maryland 2015.  There was some big festival going on, so the road in was busy and the parking area crowded.  I made a quick hike over to Geo2.  It was just where I expected it to be.  I dropped some extra swag and signed the log.  I tried to replace it carefully, so it wouldn't end up falling "farther in" and maybe become unreachable.

Thanks and Happy Trails!

OCNA # 325
All Geocaches # 5112

5645 2015-02-27 18:17 kenelson424 (user activity6) - Ready to be found

Cache ready to search.

5586 2015-01-28 19:29 DudleyGrunt (user activity669) - Temporarily unavailable

Cache will be temporarily unavailable.

5570 2015-01-25 12:20 sfcchaz (user activity428) - Didn't find it

I spent about 15 minutes total on two separate visits to this location, but could not locate the cache.

5562 2015-01-24 20:06 sfcchaz (user activity428) - Note

I will be seeking this one tomorrow and hope to find it. But would love to help out the CO if necessary. I'll be prepared. Thanks.

5550 2015-01-19 12:10 DudleyGrunt (user activity669) - Didn't find it

I had the day off and thought it was a good time to head over to the Eastern Shore to grab these, finally.  After stopping by the center to say hello to the CO, I headed out to check on 2 of my caches then made my way the opposite way around the lake.

Could not locate this one at GZ.  Expanded my search a bit, but couldn't spot it.  Given how easy the the others were (by design), I have to wonder if this one has gone missing.

I'll be back.

Thanks and Happy Trails!