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6452 2015-08-30 17:00 recommendation sfcchaz (user activity428) - Found it

After returning from a morning of caching in the Clinton, MD area, I returned home to an email from DudleyGrunt about his 'dead drop'cache publishing. I took a look a the 'Map of Caches' link and noticed not only did this one publish, but two others near me as well by Astronut42. Nice!

I headed over to the dead drop cache first and then to an event in the Groundspeak game that I had forgot about that was near the DG's cache. There was also a brand new cache at the event: score!

After the event I made my way over to these two. I grabbed this one first. Walked straight up to it. Nice hide. I'm giving this one a recommendation for the nice hide and since there are a couple over here to seek.

Thanks for placing this cache. Please consider placing some more.

6423 2015-08-29 15:21 DudleyGrunt (user activity669) - Found it

FTF. It works! <br /> <br /> 1st find of the day. Took longer route thru woods than needed. Took a little while to locate. <br /> <br /> Thanks and Happy Trails! <br /> <br /> Found @ 11:21 AM<br /> August 29, 2015<br /> #354 on this site