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9241 2020-05-18 10:15 sfcchaz (user activity404) - Note

I haven't been on the site for a while until just recently. I retired and moved south last summer. Only a couple of OCNA caches within 100 miles of where I now live. 

Now with this Covid-19 thing happening, I, like most other people, are not caching as much as I'm used to. I was reminded of these locationless caches and decided to revisit them. Lots of research to do here, but I have several that I qualify for.


I can easily qualify for this cache by creating a couple more caches of different types, but will anyone ever find them? Doesn't seem to be much interest in this area. I'll try to drum some up, but many cachers say they have enough trouble keeping up with the Groundspeak site, let alone try to expand their geocaching mindset.


My requirement for the OCNA Challenge Cache - Variety Show Hider (Level 3) is below:

A Guest Book at the American Visionary Art Museum - OU04CC - Guest Book
Third Rock from the Sun - OU04CA - Multicache



My requirement for the OCNA Challenge Cache - Variety Show Hider (Level 2) is below:

WSE #7 - Urban Sprawl - North - OU08E9 - Puzzle
MAGC Beltway Bandit After Action Muster - OU09C7 - Event
Dead Drop Cache 2 - You Win! - OU08E8 - Dead Drop
WTF BIT Southgate - OU075D - Bit Cache



My requirement for the OCNA Challenge Cache - Variety Show Hider (Level 1) is below:

Fort McHenry National Monument - OU008C - Virtual
A WebCam at Towson University - OU04D5 - Webcam
sfcchaz's Roaming BIT-mobile - OU033D - Own Cache
Middle Patuxent Overlook - OU091D - Traditional

8310 2017-12-07 04:54 ithink314 (user activity276) - Found it


In addition to the 8 hide types for Level 1 and Level 2, for this one these four have been hidden and listed, if not yet found:

Unknown: Charlotte Area Variety Show Finder (Level 3) Challenge Cache - OU0ADD

Guest book: Free Little Guest Book - OU0ADB

MP3/Podcache: Stop, Drop, and Find - OU0AD9

USB/Dead drop: Free the Bookie - OU0ACD

It has taken a long time, much patience, and extreme effort, but I managed to get here without ever hiding a Letterbox.

I'd like to thank the GCGC, the reviewers, OCNA, the smart division of Mercedes, Exxon-Mobil, and last but certainly not least, geocachere for her patience and help over the years.

Thank you as well, OCNAChallenges, for this challenge!