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7847 2017-02-14 12:15 dexter (user activity3) - Found it

I launched at the boat ramp and soon encountered a mega airboat. Who knew you could have 30 people on one of these? The pilot alerted me that there were four more big ones right behind him (all of whom slowed down to cut their wake and gave a friendly wave.) My first hint that the water level was low came when I made he left hand turn off the St. John onto Taylor Creek and found only inches of water. A short drag and then under the highway with five feet to spare. Once into the turns through the Cypress, the area just kept getting more quiet and beautiful. I glided along, fish jumping, five foot little guys sliding off the banks, a couple of hawks and a kingfisher hopscotching ahead of me. The high water marks were about 5 feet above me and the closer I got, the more tree rocking to keep going. The GPSr showed me the cache was on the inside corner of a right hand turn with a takeout possibility nearby. After getting to the head of navigation and grabbing the GC and TC there, I returned, wedged in the yak, made the short walk to the tag which is holding up ok, and grabbed the code. It was a lot harder unwedging the kayak with me in it, but eventually I was floating again and made the pleasant paddle back to the start, taking the roadside canal this time. Crossing the St John's I noticed that the water level was so low that the bottom of the bridge clearance sign was out of the water showing more than 16 feet of headroom. Got back to the takeout as the sun was setting. Thanks for a fun paddle.


7486 2016-07-27 08:20 OC Team - OC Team comment

Approved.  Per e-mail discussion, I changed it to a BIT cache, since CO indicated they had, but it didn't seem to save the change.  Please contact me if you have any problem with the change.