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783 2011-01-24 17:25 macjohnnv (user activity1) - Found it

FTF! I solved this puzzle cache about ten days ago, but did not get the chance to attempt it until Monday. My brother Jim and I headed out from work about 3:40. My Google Earth research told me that attempting it from the South would be the best since the cache owner suggested that the trail was not great for full sized vehicles. We went west on julian Lane for about 2 miles and then turned off to the north on a road that I presume was used for mining exploration. We traveled up the road for about 2.2 miles, arriving at the end at about 4:25. From there, the cache was 1.3 miles uphill. The first 0.5 miles was steep and rocky and a strenuous climb, but after getting to the top of the ridge, it was an easy hike to the cache. I found the cache at 5:25 and headed back down the hill. We had to use a flashlight going back to the truck since it was dark by that time. The stars were out and it was a beautiful night as we arrived at the truck and headed home. It was a great hike and a great find, especially since I was first to log it. Thanks you Mark for the fun!