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9312 2020-06-23 15:28 sfcchaz (user activity403) - Found it

FTF - I planned today around seeking some targeted Groundspeak geocaches and a couple of virtual flags in the GeoVexilla game. I had a great day with 10 Groundspeak geocache finds (1 Co-FTF), 2 Opencaching North America geocache finds (1 FTF), 2 GeoVexilla flags (USA and Algeria) and 1 Terracaching locationless geocache. I also reached my 16,000th Groundspeak geocache find today at the Southside Gang Community Celebration Event!

You'll have to take a close look at my picture and the spoiler. Notice the light pole and fire hydrant, shot from very close to the same location as the spoiler. I got to the exact GZ while on the road.

Thanks for the fun.

Pictures for this log entry:
sfcchaz at What A Nice Mall...! - OU0B56
sfcchaz at What A Nice Mall...! - OU0B56