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9313 2020-06-23 15:28 sfcchaz (user activity404) - Found it

FTF, on this site, after being listed for almost 10 years.

I planned today around seeking some targeted geocaches and a couple of virtual flags in the GeoVexilla game. I had a great day with 10 Groundspeak geocache finds (1 Co-FTF), 2 Opencaching North America geocache finds (1 FTF), 2 GeoVexilla flags (USA and Algeria) and 1 Terracaching locationless geocache. I also reached my 16,000th Groundspeak geocache find today at the Southside Gang Community Celebration Event!

I targeted this cache today because it was a multi-cache on the OCNA site and was also listed elsewhere. So, a twofer. Fortunately the only other people around today were grounds crew. I found stage 1 without difficulty, although the growing season is taking hold. I made my way to stage 2 and with good coordinates, I was led straight to the hide. I left 6 TBs as I have had them for a while and this cache doesn't seem to get too lonely on the Groundspeak site. Also being a multi-cache, they won't go missing as easily.I rated this one Excellent for the age and twofer. Thanks for the recent quick maintenance and keeping this old one around. Cache is dry and in good shape. TNLN TFTC