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9845 2021-08-08 12:30 SYSTEM (user activity0) - Cache gearchiveerd

Event was auto archived after 2 months.

9785 2021-06-08 19:38 sfcchaz (user activity404) - Notitie

How disappointing. I could not log into meeting in time because I did not know I would have to download an App to do so. I was in before the scheduled end of the meeting, but it stated that it was waiting for Zeus (or some such name) to log in and there was no meeting occurring.

9784 2021-06-08 19:24 TermiteHunter (user activity242) - Deelgenomen

Thanks for

Congrats to Cleo73 even though you were not there.

See you all on the GCGC

9783 2021-06-08 19:22 Bon Echo (user activity216) - Deelgenomen

Congratulations Cleo73 on the big win! Thanks to GCGC and their admins for organizing the Fantastic5 event, and for the bonus OCNA event.

9782 2021-06-08 19:08 Bon Echo (user activity216) - Notitie

Ha I actually just dialed in on a land-line because my internet is crashing and I didn't have the app installed. App installed now and just waiting for the meeting to start, 8:10

9781 2021-06-05 21:22 amweynud (user activity8) - Wil deelnemen

Sounds like fun. On the calendar.

9774 2021-06-04 06:23 sfcchaz (user activity404) - Wil deelnemen

I will also try not to forget.

9771 2021-06-01 07:15 Cleo73 (user activity0) - Wil deelnemen

Let's see how it goes.

9765 2021-05-30 10:27 Mr.Yuck (user activity227) - Wil deelnemen

What Bon Echo said! 

9760 2021-05-25 09:30 Bon Echo (user activity216) - Wil deelnemen

Hope to be there (will try not to forget like I always do)

9758 2021-05-25 04:55 OC Team - Notitie van OC Team

The cache was approved by the OC Team