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7781 2016-12-27 16:12 rvstauff (user activity83) - Didn't find it

No luck today at stage 1. This has been on my to do list for years and I finally gave it a whirl.<br /> <br /> I should have jumped on this cool sounding cache a long, long time ago before decay set in.

6913 2016-02-23 21:30 GoinPostNet (user activity174) - Didn't find it

Couldn't locate stage 1 either.

4620 2014-05-09 19:15 QueensGrantMusic (user activity104) - Didn't find it

I could not find the first stage of this multi.

4622 2014-05-01 02:47 TermiteHunter (user activity242) - Note

Just a note to let all know that I checked the Ether stages to see that teh app is still available and ether stages are operational.  The first stage was replaced and better concealed to avoid further loss

2739 2012-07-06 18:11 look4orion (user activity1) - Found it

This was a fun way to do a multi.  Thanks for the introduction to ethercache.

2720 2012-07-06 03:02 lutzie86 (user activity13) - Found it

This was like a repeat performance of getting other relay caches nearby and saving the "best for last".  Well when I say that I mean the most arduous and thought other words, I know better than to not do a TH cache when time permits...:)

Well, unfortunately we once again ran out of daylight by the time we got to even the first leg.  And the battle began.  Found one, found two, thought we were onto something until we were turned around by computer operator error (not mine...shh, I promised I wouldn't tell)  and then we finally got the correct coordinates to target GZ.  Once at GZ it was dark and we forged ahead with fearless minds to finally be able to sign the log.  Whew!  What a great adventure.  I could sware TH was watching us every step of the way. ;)  Thanks for the fun adventure!  I think!

2729 2012-07-05 14:54 myblizzy (user activity3) - Found it

Thanks for the cool drive! 

2713 2012-07-05 01:00 hthrmlls (user activity3) - Found it

A quest indeed!  I'm relatively new to caching, and this was something I hadn't experienced before.  Wow, what a way to use technology.  Even 11-year-old myblizzy, who's grown up surrounded by electronic devices that would have seemed like magic when I was a kid, was amazed by this. (We also used the Android app, free version - not sure we used it right, but it got us there).

We had no trouble finding the first stage, once myblizzy looked around a little.  At stage two, there was a line of text directing me to do something - I thought it meant at that location, and was quite confused, but at least got to see a couple of fearless rabbits up close.  Another setback at stage 3 (or was it 4? I lost count somewhere), where some muggle girls were playing on the sidewalk near the reference point.  Uh-oh, I didn't want to pull up too close (Stranger Danger!), but at a distance I judged prudent, the technology wasn't registering.  So we turned the Cache Cab around and tried the other side of the street.  Luckily, it worked there.

Eventually we made it to the cache.  The container had a small amount of water in it despite its waterproof appearance.  I poured out a teaspoon or two.  The log was a tad damp but not soaked, so we made sure both its baggie and the container were tightly closed.  Quest Complete!



2698 2012-07-03 14:01 FailedApparatus (user activity59) - Note

I have tried a few times to get this to load on an android phone with no luck.  The program loads on my ipod and ipad but I don't have a GPS signal for either so it doesn't detect the location.

2696 2012-07-03 07:23 recommendation NASCAR3nut (user activity25) - Found it

After numerous failed attemps to figure out how to use the required program on my phone, I gave up on this one. Then it popped up on the GCGC Laundry list and I remembered the problems I was having. I decided to try again this morning, armed with a new phone. I had downloaded the program a few weeks ago when this first went on the list and yesterday on the way home, I made a quick stop at the first stage to see if it would work. FINALLY!!! I found the elusive purple pin! I couldn't complete it yesterday, so I just wrote down the coordinates to the next stage. This morning I had no problem following the route, busting through a barracade (just kidding someone else had already moved it) and proceeded to the final. I first came to a spot that looked like a place I would expect a cache but nothing was there. I proceeded a little further when my phone (which I was using as my GPS) rang. It was my step-dad in Florida calling and while I stood in the middle of the woods tallking on my phone, I glanced over and spotted the container. I finished the call while signing the log and departed for work. Great little morning adventure!

921 2011-03-20 14:31 recommendation stargatekrewe (user activity132) - Found it

Wasn't sure what to expect with this cache, but it ended up be very cool.  Downloaded the app, but all the instructions are geared for placing a message, not how to retrieve a message. I used my iphone and had the app before proceeding. I was able to confirm that you don't need a wi-fi connection (3G works too for just coords), but if you make the wi-fi connection, it somehow downloads more of the message for you to see (not just coords). On the iphone app there is a spyglass at the top-right of the screen. I had to press that before the purple pin would drop with the message. I didn't have to be exactly at GZ, being across the street was fine as long as my signal was Green. So there is a little patience involved and pretending like you are lost and reading a map while you are parked in front of strangers homes. Still not sure how you find these urban woods, but the cache was a nice little hike (new construction roads blocked off). I enjoyed this forest, it was kinda unique. Container and log are in good shape. Thanks for the "multi" adventure. This was almost like a scavenger hunt. My first Ether Cache! I'm excited. I hope this catches on. Not to mention my first (OC) cache!!

889 2011-03-03 21:43 therapaint (user activity42) - Found it

Now THAT'S cool!  I've been anxious to try this out ever since it's been talked up on the local forum, and I actually posses the tech stuff to pull it off - for once I don't feel like a caveman.  Grabbed the coords at the first stage, and off I drove using the handheld on the dashboard since the wife had the NUVI today.  I got to the first stage and nothing happened - dang, there goes my attempt to hang with the serious techies.  I moved forward a bit, nothing; then crossed the street - ding!  Etherquest popped up (as well as the CO!) with coords to the next stage.  I took a little encouragement and headed down the ether trail; within twenty minutes or so and a few stops later I had the cache in hand.  FTF - sweet!  Enjoyed swapping stories with the CO at the end.  This was great - a cool new way to use the Droid and a good old fashioned bushwhack to wrap it all up - nicely done, thanks TH!!

886 2011-03-03 07:00 NASCAR3nut (user activity25) - Didn't find it

Guess I just don't understand this one. I made it to the first stage and quickly found the micro with the coordinates in it. I put them in my GPS and proceeded to those coordinates. My GPS had me directly on top of GZ and now back at the office, I pulled up the coordinates online and confirmed that I was sitting directly on GZ (based on Google Maps). I couldn't get the Ethercache program to do anything. I hit "search" and a message came up that said "Found 0 nearby ethercaches. Touch an ethercache to load it." I even moved forward, backward, left & right and still got the same thing. When I hit "New" it gives me the option to "Name your Ethercache" and when I hit deposit, I think I accidentally added something, not sure how to get rid of it or what to do next.