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Nags Head Woods - OU042C

 You will be signing The Nature Conservancy's Nags Head Woods guestbook

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N 35° 59.376' W 75° 39.893' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > North Carolina
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From the trail map:

Nags Head Woods is a maritime forest, which means it grows under the influence of the ocean. Dispite the natural stresses such as severe wind, salt spray, poor soil and lack of fresh water, the Woods is one of the most biologically rich areas on the Atlantic coast.  More than 300 species of plants and 50 species of birds have been identified here, as well as a wide assortment of reptiles, amphibians and mammals.


You will park near by at the parking lot off Ocean Acres Drive and walk a short way to the visitor's center.  There is a short flight of steps to access the board raised boardwalk where the guestbook is kept.  Once you have climbed the steps you should have no problemm locating the book.  Once you sign the book you are encouraged to take one of the trail maps and enjoy a hike through the Preserve.

There are 6 marked trails available ranging from the easy Center trail that is an easy walk on a .25 mile loop to the Blueberry Ridge trail that borders on a more strenuous hike of 3.75 miles (but includes traveling on two of the other trails in the process.

The trails and the center are open for self guided tours only during daylight hours so please no night caching and respect all the parking and other posted signs for the area.

This cache is kid friendly but leave your pets at home as they are not allowed on the trails.  Dogs may be walked on Old Nags Head Woods Road but may not be brought into the visitor center area or the trail areas.

Enjoy this wonderful bit of nature to get away from the rush on the bypass.


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1 06 October 2012 Great Scott Found it

Stopped by to sign the guestbook while I was in the area.
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