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Seawall Cam - OU0589

 Webcam on south end of seawall

Hidden by  NativTxn

N 29° 15.990' W 94° 49.616' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Texas
 Cache Type: Webcam
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 Status: Ready for Search
 Date Hidden: 05 September 2012
 Date Created: 05 September 2012
 Last Modified: 27 June 2014
 Waypoint: OU0589


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This Cam is set on The Casa Del Mar Beachfront Suites.  You will need to be on the curb at the posted coordinates so you can be seen in the picture at with the Gulf at your back. You will need a smartphone capable of saving an image from a website (it refreshes every 60 seconds) or call a friend with a computer who can save an image for you.  It's best done in broad daylight.  


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1 07 June 2017 GeoJunk67 Found it

Hopefully you can see all 3 of us! Billb2 and c.stump. First one we've done.

1 10 January 2017 TommyGator Found it

This webcam cache had me moving around a lot.  I nicely positioned myself where the webcam was looking, only to have it change viewpoints!  I scurried to the new location and managed to grab the image.  That's me in the blue jacket along the sidewalk next to the light pole.

Thanks for the webcam cache and a great OC-day in Galveston!
Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
Enjoying the sea air
Enjoying the sea air

1 06 June 2016 Bon Echo Found it

We stayed one night in Galveston and I managed to do three of six webcam caches (there are three on OCNA and three on; i did two of the former and one of the latter). We stayed in a hotel near this webcam and spent two days on the the beach. I actually had access to a tablet with a data connect, first time with that sure made things easier. In the end it was the sun that created the biggest challenge in getting good images - either too much or too little. With this one, it was too much sun and I couldn;t see the screen on the tablet no matter what I did. So I took a bunch of screenshots and hoped to be visible in a least one of them. This is the one. I realize the image is not the best, and I am including a modified version and a few "traditional" pictures as proof of visit. Hope they are satisfactory. Thanks NativTxn for the webcam caches. I may have to upload the photos via Flickr when I get back to ontario.

Here's the original webcam shot. We are standing just left of the stairs in the image. I;m wearing a orange shirt and a wide tan hat:

Here's the zoomed and cropped version of the webcam photo. We're in the red box which provides no shade from the sun!

Here's a few non-webcam photos I took:

here we are across the street from the webcam, which is on the top corner of the hotel visible in this shot


here me taking a selfie shot while still across the road - something I rarely do and can;t seem to do well. The pier is visible behind me

Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
Bon Echo at the Seawall Cam
Bon Echo at the Seawall Cam
Cropped image
Cropped image