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NWVC 4 - The Visitor Center - OU0756

 Patuxent Research Refuge - South Tract

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N 39° 01.573' W 76° 47.943' (WGS84)

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 Waypoint: OU0756


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Patuxent Research Refuge, National Wildlife Visitor Center

Trail Guide - Print before you and save the refuge the expense.  You won't need it for this cache, but I'm sure you'll want to do the others or just explore the trails while you're here.

Open Daily 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM, Closed Federal Holidays
Trails & Grounds Open Sunrise to Sunset, Closed Federal Holidays

This cache will take you on a tour of the exhibits at the visitor center.  You will collect information that will be used to find and log the cache.

1.  Enter the History Area just off the main entrance.  You will see a large table relief map.  Around it are small plaques with information about different aspects of the refuge.

Last name of William and Lucille is...


2.  Enter the Wisdom of Wilderness Exhibit.  One of the displays includes the cover of a movie based on a comic book character.  This character is closely associated with a particular habitat.  According to the display, what percentage of this type of habitat has been lost in the US between 1780 and 1990?

____ % 

3.  Bird Migration exhibit.  Find the lighthouse keepers display.  How many Purple Martins struck the Sharps Island Light on May 8th?

____ Purple Martins 

4.  Chesapeake Bay.  Per the information here, what is the daily minimum number of tubers that a Canvasback Duck needs to eat?

____ tubers 

5.  Endangered species come in all shapes and sizes.  What is the name of the smallest species displayed in the columns of the “On the Brink” exhibit?


6.  Endangered Species.  Whooping Cranes are an endangered species.  How many individuals were in existence in 1941?


7. Observation Area - What wetland furbearing mammal is featured in the observation area exhibit?


8. Lobby Area - There are a number of quotes high on the walls of the lobby.  One of these begins with, "In the end..."  What is the first name of the person to whom this quote is attributed?


Logging Requirements: Visit the site in person.  Find the answers to the 8 questions above.  The Log Password will be the word will be made up of the first letter / digit of each answer.  Photos of your visit appreciated, but not required.

Please Note: This cache has been placed with the cooperation of Amy Shoop of the Patuxent Research Refuge.  Please provide input on your experience with the cache and during your visit, in general, in your log.  For additional information about the refuge and activities there, you may contact [email protected].

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Trail HeadN 39° 02.265'
W 76° 49.150'
 Entrance to Patuxent Research Refuge 


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1 19 September 2014 Recommendation sfcchaz Found it

I had some free time after work and since this was a new one in the area, I decided to get it while the Center was open. Wow, there is a lot of very nice displays in the center. I had visited once before, but didn't venture back there.

My only advice is to pay attention. The area for answer #1 is just passed the area marked as #2. The area for #7 is labeled as Life Cycles.

I'm giving this one a recommendation. Also assuming FTF at 4:05 PM.