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The Urban Legend of Opie - OU0857

 A small traditional cache with log and a BIT.

Hidden by  KnowsOpie

N 36° 37.656' W 82° 33.023' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Virginia
 Cache Type: BIT Cache
 Size: Small
 Status: Ready for Search
 Date Hidden: 30 December 2012
 Date Created: 26 June 2015
 Last Modified: 06 March 2017
 Waypoint: OU0857


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The following is a true account made-up by me and posted in the OX forums December 6, 2011. Many say that this lie is untrue, and that Opie is a product of genetic engineering gone wrong by Garmin in an attempt to run their servers in a similar manner as GroundSqueek does with their Hamsters.

Opie is already ticked about being mistaken for a Squirrel, which he is not. Opie's father was a Canadian Beaver and pro hockey player, his mother a mid-western Skunk. And about the color of his fur, he is solid white.

He was raised by his grandmother in a small town near Detriot, and was home schooled. Other kids picked on him because of his big head and his thick lens glasses. Beavers and Skunks both have poor eyesight, Opie is no different.

Opie was nearly killed at the age of 15 in a hunting accident in the upper part of Michigan by a avid bow hunter know to many as "Terrible Ted".

One fact about Opie that many overlook, he is super intellegent. The arrow did not miss, but struck his ipod. Opie fell to the ground and played Possum.

Ted placed the carcass in the back of his Hummer and headed back to his Ranch. Not knowing for sure what type animal he had taken, Ted pulled his Hummer into his garage and closed the door behind him.

Opie waited until nightfall to make his escape. That's when things took a strange turn. Just as he was gnawing his way out of the garage a noise that sounded like a F-14 Tomcat on a bombing sortie blasted out and he scurryed into the first place he could find, which was a toilet full of tidy bowl.

Scared out of his whits, it was fight or flight, and Opie for the first time in his life chose to fight. But that suddenly changed when he reconized what the noise was. It was hard rock music, 1980"s hard rock music! And you guessed it, Opie was a HUGE fan of hard rock just like most teenagers that are finding themselves and rebelling.

Opie made his way to the music which was coming from a room that looked like the NRA museum and Wild Kingdom HQ combined. It is still unclear if Ted passed out or fainted when he saw Opie standing behind him armed with two AR-15 carbines that he had taken from the wall.

When Ted came to about eight hours later, Opie was jamming out some licks on a Zebra skin guitar Jimi Hendrix style with his teeth! Ted was very impressed, and very sorry because of his mistake. Also he did not want sued and did not want the bad publicty that may come along with it from PETA.

He offered Opie a job as a roadie, which he accepted and toured with Ted's band for two years before finally setteling down in Olathe Kansas where he is now employed by Garmin.


Note: All of this is true except for some parts at the beginning and the end and the rest of the way through.

Now about the geocache that you are looking for.

It's a camo taped screw top container marked as a geocache in the end of the guardrail.

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Raq bs thneqenvy.



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10 13 February 2017 Mr.Yuck Cache ready to search

Cache ready to search.

3 10 October 2015 rvstauff Comment

Opie has died.  (This cache is fine, I assume.)


I was amused by the true made up story about Garmin's Opie.  As you know, the imposter is no more, and the original, is all that's left!