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A Mares Rest - OU00ED

  A little bushwacking. A few mosquitos. A few grass burrs. Please put back as you found it. A little bushwacking. A few

Hidden by  NativTxn

N 30° 19.545' W 96° 30.721' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Texas
 Cache Type: Traditional
 Size: Normal
 Status: Ready for Search
 Date Hidden: 27 July 2008
 Date Created: 07 October 2010
 Last Modified: 30 October 2013
 Waypoint: OU00ED
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This is a regular container with a log book, pencil, sharpener, a few toys. Hope you enjoy.

From the nearby Historical Marker:
In 1690 the Spanish gave the name "San Francisco" to this 62-mile Brazos River tributary; but on an 1822 map, Stephen F. Austin, "Father of Texas", marked it "Yegua", Spanish for "mare". Mustang mares and foals then grazed among the Indians on the timbered creek. In 1826, colonist John P. Coles built a mill on the stream. A measure signed in 1837 by Texas President Sam Houston made the Yegua a county boundary. Floods often devastated the area until Lake Somerville harnessed Yegua's waters in 1967. Now a recreation area, the lake and creek benefit crops, wild life, and vacationers.

Please do NOT take any Trackable item if you don't plan to log them out of this cache and in to others. Thanks!

***Contrats to scrapnphotos for the FTF!***

Placed by a member of

Brazos Valley Geocachers

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ybbx sbe fvta, tb sne evtug naq jnl oruvaq



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1 18 May 2014 Team Troglodyte Found it

Found while caching around the Lake Somerville area after attending a nearby antique motorcycle show.

10 30 October 2013 NativTxn Cache ready to search

Cache ready to search.

1 31 May 2013 TommyGator Found it

Hmmm....and I thought this was named after the horses grazing next door!  Made a fast find and was off---Last find of the day for me.  Thanks!



9 11 April 2012 NativTxn Cache archived

Cache was archived.

3 10 April 2012 NativTxn Comment

I am doing away with my cross-posted caches.  This one can still be found on since it started there.