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Kelley Point Park - OU0979

 Perfect park for a family outing!

Hidden by  Dulce-Joy

N 45° 38.820' W 122° 45.618' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Oregon
 Cache Type: Traditional
 Size: Micro
 Status: Ready for Search
 Date Hidden: 09 March 2016
 Date Created: 09 March 2016
 Last Modified: 09 March 2016
 Waypoint: OU0979


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Kelley Point Park is a city park in north Portland in the U.S. state of Oregon. Bounded by the Columbia Slough on the south, the Willamette River on the west, and the Columbia River on the north, the park forms the tip of the peninsula at the confluence of the rivers. Marine Terminal 6 of the Port of Portland lies immediately east of the park along the Columbia, while Terminal 5 is along the Willamette slightly south of the Columbia Slough. The park is at 45°38'59?N 122°45'49?W? / ?45.6498384°N 122.7637106°W? / 45.6498384; -122.7637106? (Kelley Point City Park)Coordinates: 45°38'59?N 122°45'49?W? / ?45.6498384°N 122.7637106°W? / 45.6498384; -122.7637106? (Kelley Point City Park) and rises to an elevation of 39 feet (12 m) above sea level. Sauvie Island is west of the park across the Willamette River. Hayden Island is slightly upstream of the park on the Columbia River opposite Marine Terminal 6. The city acquired the park site in 1984 from the Port of Portland, which had covered much of the peninsula with dredged material from the Columbia River to create places to build terminals. The site was formerly part of Pearcy Island, separated from the mainland by sloughs, one of which was called Pearcy Slough. Pearcy Island still appears on topographical maps at 45°38'33?N 122°45'34?W? / ?45.6426163°N 122.7595437°W? / 45.6426163; -122.7595437? (Pearcy Island) even though it is no longer an island. Pearcy Island and Pearcy Slough were named after Nathan Pearcy, who settled a donation land claim on the island in 1850. Development projects later altered the landforms in this vicinity. Hall Jackson Kelley, for whom the park is namedThe north tip of Pearcy Island had no name until 1926, when a group of Portland citizen persuaded the United States Board on Geographic Names to name it Kelley Point. The name honors Hall Jackson Kelley (1790–1874), a New England resident who during the first half of the 19th century promoted interest in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. During a brief visit to Oregon in 1834, Kelley tried unsuccessfully to establish a city at the confluence. Park amenities include a historical site, paved and unpaved paths, picnic tables, public art, restrooms, and a vista point. The 104.16-acre (42.15 ha) park, operated by the Portland Parks & Recreation Department, is open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Kelley Point was once the site of a small lighthouse. Wildlife includes Bewick's Wrens that frequent the park's black cottonwood forest. Caspian Terns, Osprey, Double-crested Cormorants, and gulls are common near the rivers. Sights from the vista point include ship traffic on both rivers. An informal Columbia Slough canoe launch lies near the park entrance along Kelley Point Park Road, west of Interstate 5 along North Marine Drive. The 40 Mile Loop hiking and biking trail runs by the entrance to the park.
--excerpt from Wikipedia


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2 16 August 2018 sfcchaz Didn't find it

I'm in town visiting family and wanted to seek some of the OCNA caches in the area; plus any others near by. This being the former. I'm not sure if this cache is still there, but it definitely isn't a 1 difficulty cache if it is still there as it was 60 feet into the thick blackberries and brush. Perhaps this has grown up since the cache was published as these type of plants can take over an area in no time flat. See picture taken 70 feet from GZ.
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Cache 60 feet into brush near large tree center
Cache 60 feet into brush near large tree center