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PawPaw in the Open - OU01B4

 A great hike

Hidden by  zstatman

N 28° 31.651' W 80° 52.806' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Florida
 Cache Type: Traditional
 Size: Micro
 Status: Ready for Search
 Time: 2:00 h   Distance to Travel: 4.50 mi
 Date Hidden: 04 December 2010
 Date Created: 04 December 2010
 Last Modified: 01 March 2016
 Waypoint: OU01B4


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Kid Friendly Ticks Snakes Thorns Available in Winter Listed on OCNA Only 

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Description   EN   

The Canaveral Marshes Conservation Area is one of many located in Florida. There are several trails around the area and numerious wildlife there to see - Birds, snakes, wild black pigs, gators, and even cows.

Depending on the time of year, hiking the area can change significantly as can the appearance of Florida's national bug. Hunting is not suppose to take place in the conservation area, but there could be hunting down near the St Johns River, as always be alert when out in the wild! Depending on the season, you could hit some water and mud, be prepared for that.

The cache: You are looking for a white laminated tag with the log code. GZ is very near a well-known now archived geocache The PawPaw Cache and the nearby Terracache

Before you go, be sure to look into stopping by the several other caches around the Marsh.

The time and distance involved greatly depends on which trail you take as well as the time of the year.

Have fun and be safe

Additional Waypoints

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Parking AreaN 28° 32.635'
W 80° 53.791'
 Only access point. RV park is private! 


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3 01 March 2016 zstatman Comment

Replaced the cache with the still white laminated tag but at a NEW GZ so update your coords

Come on OC cachers, this is very friendly so go for it!

3 02 March 2011 zstatman Comment

From photos from Stargazer22 the cache might have been destroyed but can't clearly say that it has so this is a warning only - It could be MIA Cry

I hope to get out there and check this weekend but if someone goes before I can then please take some detail photos and send to me for credit of a find.



Update 3/12/2011

Cache has been destroyed and replaced in a different location/different type - See cache page for updated listing

2 19 February 2011 stargazer22 Didn't find it

The area around GZ has been burned in a recent fire.  There are no bushes left near the mound for a good 200 feet or more.  SwampyGirl and I searched for a while but there's not much left to search around the cache area.  You might want to check up on this one if it was near the ground and not in a fire-proof container.

1 06 December 2010 The Boonie Man Found it

Woohoo! My first “open” cache. Wait a minute. I found the container closed. Maybe I should have left it opened. Hmmm...

It's been a while since I revisited my old Pawpaw cache site. Almost didn't recognize the place. Weeds are growing really tall right now. I think the water management district needs to enlist more cows. Usually this area is covered with fresh homemade cow pies.

The cache was a little tricky to find. At first I thought I was going to have to declare a DNF. But after beating around the bushes for about 15 minutes, I finally flushed out the little bugger.

Nice container! I was going to trade one of my moo-ey delicious cow buttons for the nearby bathtub, but it just wouldn't fit.

Thanks for the open and closed cache.

The Boonie Man

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Old Pole Bridge
Old Pole Bridge
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