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Mound Hill School - OU028E

 Texas Historical Marker

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There is a historical marker at this location that reads:

In 1889 residents of the Mound area formed their first school at a nearby Baptist church. By 1891 the Mound School District was organized and forty students were enrolled. The school moved in 1902 to the Live Oak Female Seminary located on the farm of Dr. R. L. Miller. The school moved again in 1930 to a more central location and was remodeled into a two-classroom building. In 1939 the Works Progress Administration started a hot lunch program costing five centers per meal. By 1949 the school had been consolidated twice more and purchased its first bus. Finally, in 1953 the Mound Hill School was consolidated with the Prairie Hill School District, and the school buildings formerly at this site were moved to the Prairie Hill community. (1998)

The drive along FM 390 is a scenic highway and this marker is between the Old Baylor Ruins and FM 36. There are some great views and this road is dressed up when bluebonnets are in bloom. In order to log this cache, you will need the number that is below the brown historical marker sign just across the street.  Take a picture (optional, but fun).

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1 29 March 2013 Aardvark Found it

I learned a little more history today.  Thanks.

1 24 March 2012 TommyGator Found it

Last find of the day, culminating a great day of caching and wildflower viewing.  We wanted to go over and check out the rock. but since it looked to be on private property, had to admire it from afar.  TFTC!

1 09 September 2011 AgNav Found it

On the drive home this one was just too easy. TFTC.

1 04 June 2011 Manofsteel Found it

On a cahe run this afternoon through the area.  It was so hot that we didn't even get out of the geomobile.  TFTC.

1 08 May 2011 geohiker Found it

Out for a nice Sunday drive through the Brazos Valley.  Second stop on the day.  TFTC