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Freedom of Conscience - OU02E2

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In the early 1800's, Marylanders began to commemorate the "lost city" of St. Mary's as a place of special significance.  The 300th anniversary of Maryland's founding in 1934 brought renewed attention and enthusiasm.  The State House replica was built, a huge celebration drawing over 100,000 people was held, and this statue was commissioned.  It honors religious tolerance, a right secured to all citizens of Maryland by "An Act Concerning Religion," passed in the General Assembly in 1649.

According to the sculptor, Hans Schuler, his work "represents the liberation of the spirit that had for so long been bound by intolerance...The torch represents the flame that kindled this fire of religious freedom throughout the world."



LOGGING REQUIREMENTS: The Log Password will be the 2nd word on the 4th line on the rear of the sculpture.  In addition to this, you will need to post a photo of you and / or your GPS with the sculpture.  Be sure not to include the required info  in your photo.

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1 30 March 2013 networkcacher Found it

Intended to log this find last year when I passed through St. Mary's on the way to another CAM cache.  No matter, stopped by again today to revisit this fine memorial and snap a few more pictures.

I went to sailing school here for several Summers as a kid and I can remember visiting it a few times.  Its much more evocative in person than the pictures may show.  Feels good to put another OCUS smilie on the map.  TFTC

Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
Networkcacher on the scene
Networkcacher on the scene

1 25 December 2011 cycleangela Found it

I was driving through the area today to find a couple of terracaches, and made the stop to find this one. Thanks for bringing me here!
Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
The statue
The statue

1 08 October 2011 sfcchaz Found it

Smile FTF Smile 9:40 AM. Well, I was in the area last week and forgot to come see this one, so I decided to come back. A very nice scuplture. Thanks for the history lesson. Keep 'em coming. Wink TFTC
Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
sfcchaz at Freedom of Conscience
sfcchaz at Freedom of Conscience