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11-11-11 Multi-Event: Bryan, TX - OU0350

 Party on the Patio

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N 30° 42.361' W 96° 27.956' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Texas
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 Date Hidden: 11 November 2011
 Date Created: 06 October 2011
 Last Modified: 28 October 2011
 Waypoint: OU0350
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It's another fun date in history and it's a Friday, so we will celebrate!

11-11-11 starting at 5:30 pm until....

Lakeside Icehouse @ Lake Bryan

As of this listing, no band has been booked for that night. There is normally not a cover charge until 9 pm (if any) and I will keep this listing updated as info becomes available in case anyone wants to stay later.

I will bring 11 cache containers of various sizes with logs.  Please bring swag and/or signature items to add to the larger ones.  After we've filled them, we'll draw names and 11 winners will take a ready-to-hide cache home to place out in the wild for the rest of us to find.  

Come out and relax on the patio. Food and beverages will be at your own expense.  If you are going to the Icehouse, you do not have to pay to get into the Lake.

There are several other events listed across Texas on this date, but there will be no flashing and mobbing at this event. :D

If anyone is a Veteran, please tell us where you served and your rank if you like.

Brazos Valley Geocachers


 NativTxn's Replicoin #3 - Total Distance: 545 km


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7 11 November 2011 TommyGator attended the event

Had a great time meeting cachers from the Brazos Valley!  It was nice seeing the folks who have placed such creative hides around B-CS.  Many thanks to NativTxn for organizing the event and for the cool door prizes!

7 11 November 2011 AgNav attended the event

Great fun even though I did not feel great. I was glad to see 13 people gathered here and we all left with a door prize thanks to the CO. Thanks NativTxn for organizing - see y'all on the trail.