Task Difficulty: 2.0 Out of 5.0
Terrain Difficulty: 2.0 Out of 5.0
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Animal Tracks - Squirrel - OU0357

 LETTERBOX: Bring your own stamp pad/marker

Hidden by  NativTxn

N 30° 18.697' W 96° 37.685' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Texas
 Cache Type: Letterbox
 Size: Small
 Status: Ready for Search
 Date Hidden: 15 October 2011
 Date Created: 15 October 2011
 Last Modified: 10 October 2012
 Waypoint: OU0357


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Cache Attributes

Kid Friendly Thorns Bring Your Own Pen Munzee In the Woods Letterbox 

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Description   EN   

This is one in a series that my son (StAggie99) and I will be placing around Burleson County.  These are small stamps and the log is a small memo pad.  You will need to bring your own stamp pad or marker since the container does not have one in it. Bring a pen. Follow the trail from the Family Fish Pond.

This cache is in Lake Somerville State Park (Birch Creek Unit) and you will need to observe Park hours and pay the entrance fee or use your Texas State Parks Pass. Placed with the permission of Park staff.

In case you are not familiar with Letterboxes: 

  • Bring your own personal stamp (and stamp pad or marker)
  • Bring your own letterbox journal
  • Stamp your stamp in the cache log, sign and date it
  • Use the stamp in the cache to stamp your journal so you will have a record of your visit

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Additional Hints   Decrypt

Tb gb gur Cbfg Bnx Pnzcvat nern naq cnex ng gur erfgebbzf. Jnyx onpx hc gur ebnq gb gur Snzvyl Svfu Cbaq naq gnxr gur genvy. Jura lbh ernpu gur cbaq, jnyx nebhaq gb gur yrsg naq lbh jvyy frr n genvy gung gnxrf bss gb gur yrsg. Sbyybj gung genvy sbe nobhg 460 srrg. Lbh jvyy frr ybgf bs unatvat Fcnavfu zbff ng guvf bar fcbg. Whfg cnffrq guvf fcbg ba gur evtug jvyy or n fznyy pyrnevat. Gur obk jvyy or nobhg 50' bss gur genvy va n fznyy prqne gerr unatvat nobhg fubhyqre uvtu.



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3 30 November 2013 NativTxn Comment

Put a new o-ring on it. Stamp and log are still in good shape.

1 28 July 2012 phantom_309 Found it

I found this one with nativtxn and flower71 after the Brazos Valley CITO today. WOW, was it hot, but it was a lot of fun hiking the trailes. The trails are very nice in this park and the caches are great too. Thanks nativtxn for showing us around today and thanks for the cache.

1 17 December 2011 AgNav Found it

Great day to be outside.. This was just a short walk from the dried up family fising pond!!! TFTC..heard birds singing but no other wildlife today..