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Heritage Square - OU035D

 A little bit of Somerville history

Hidden by  NativTxn

N 30° 20.769' W 96° 31.718' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Texas
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 Date Hidden: 23 October 2011
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 Last Modified: 27 October 2011
 Waypoint: OU035D


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This cache is located in Heritage Square outside of the Somerville Historical Museum.  There are 4 Historical markers here as well as a memorial "To Those Who Made the Supreme Sacrifice in All Conflicts, So That We May Remain Free".  There are a couple of jail cells that are from the 1940's as well as a few other artifacts to check out.  Sit a spell under the shade trees and watch a bit of small town Texas go by.  The inside of the museum is open 10am-12pm and 1-3pm on Saturdays or by appointment.  Big rigs can park on the back side toward the railroad tracks.

To log this cache, stand on the bricked sidewalk facing the Memorial.  There are names engraved on the bricks.  Enter the last name of the person on the first brick on the left closest to the Memorial. Use all lower case.

Heritage Park

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Brazos Valley Geocachers

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1 31 May 2013 TommyGator Found it

This looks like a really neat place to spend some time.  I looked around just a bit, but want to come back when I've got more time to appreciate all this town has to offer.  Thanks for highlighting a tribute to our heroes!

1 17 December 2011 AgNav Found it

On the way home. Always rhought a cache needed to be here. TFTC.

1 25 November 2011 StAggie99 Found it

We were on our way back home from Brenham and the train was going back and forth dropping off cars. Figured we stop here while we were stuck anyway.  It's got Christmas decorations up in this area now.

1 28 October 2011 flower71 Found it

It was very interesting reading the names of people who served. I know a lot of them also. It's always good to learn about the history from our past when we were growing up still as kids. Thanks for posting this cache.