Task Difficulty: 2.0 Out of 5.0
Terrain Difficulty: 2.0 Out of 5.0
Statystyka skrzynki
Animal Tracks - Bear - OU0360

 LETTERBOX: Bring your own stamp pad/marker

Hidden by  NativTxn

N 30° 30.273' W 96° 26.924' (WGS84)

 Coordinates in Other Systems
 Location: United States > Texas
 Cache Type: Letterbox
 Size: Small
 Status: Ready for Search
 Date Hidden: 29 October 2011
 Date Created: 29 October 2011
 Last Modified: 30 October 2013
 Waypoint: OU0360


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Cache Attributes

Kid Friendly Bring Your Own Pen Poison Plants Munzee Letterbox Listed on OCNA Only 

Please see the attributes article for more information.

Description   EN   

This is one in a series that we have placed around Burleson County.  These are small stamps and the log is 2" wide, but is 8 1/2" long.  You will need to bring your own stamp pad or marker since the container does not have one in it. Bring a pen. Watch for a little poison ivy on the way.

In case you are not familiar with Letterboxes: 

  • Bring your own personal stamp (and stamp pad or marker)
  • Bring your own letterbox journal
  • Stamp your stamp in the cache log, sign and date it
  • Use the stamp in the cache to stamp your journal so you will have a record of your visit
Listed as an actual Letterbox on AtlasQuest.com
Congrats to TommyGator for the FTF!

Additional Hints   Decrypt

Va Fabbx, ghea abegurnfg (yrsg vs lbh ner pbzvat sebz SZ 60) bss bs SZ 2155 bagb PE 269 naq tb nobhg 1/2 zvyr hagvy vg qrnq-raqf vagb PE 268. Ghea yrsg naq gura vzzrqvngryl evtug gb pbagvahr ba PE 269. Gur qveg ebnq jvyy fgneg urer. Tb nabgure 1/2 zvyr naq lbh jvyy pebff n fznyy jbbqra oevqtr. Whfg cnffrq gur oevqtr, lbh jvyy frr n ynetr gerr ba gur evtug irel pybfr gb gur ebnq. Gur pnpur jvyy or uvqqra arne gur onfr. Vg'f oyhr, fb vg fubhyq or rnfl gb fcbg. Gurer vf n tbbq cynpr gb cnex whfg npebff gur ebnq.



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1 20 January 2014 AgNav Found it

Found long ago... catching up of OC today.

10 30 October 2013 NativTxn Cache ready to search

Cache ready to search.

9 07 October 2013 NativTxn Cache archived

Cache was archived.

1 27 September 2012 Recommendation phantom_309 Found it

That is a large tree! We enjoyed the sound of running water from the flowing creek close to the cache as we hunted. This is a nice container with a neat little stamp in it. Thanks for bringing us out this way and thanks for the cache. Found 9/27/12, forgot to log!

3 19 January 2012 NativTxn Comment

Adopted from StAggie99