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1 10/08/2014 TommyGator Found it

Came to this most pleasant GZ and started a search.  Within aa couple of minutes, the proprietor came out and inquired as to what I was looking for.  I explained that I was geocaching, and he was somewhat familiar, but didn't know about this cache.  We chatted a bit and he assisted me in my search. Just a few more minutes and----voila!  Cache in hand!  Cache is in good shape and ready for the next cacher.  Thanks to the CO for the cache and to the nice folks at this establishment for supporting our hobby!

1 11/07/2012 phantom_309 Found it

Forgive the late log! Our name is on this log, just as a find and not a FTF. We were there when it was placed. This was a great event in a fantistic place. There were a lot of people at this event and quite a few from out of town as well. Naturally the placement of a cache here was in order and we will look forward to someone getting a FTF on this one. Thanks for the cache "Flower71" 

1 09/24/2012 AgNav Found it

I was here when the cache was hidden. TFTC. 

1 08/21/2012 NativTxn Found it

I was there when this was placed and several of us signed the log, but we are not claiming FTF on it. Who will be the first adventurous soul?

The food and the desserts here are excellent and I love the 50s style of everything.  That being said, this was my 50th find on OCNA! Smile