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1 05/03/2018 TermiteHunter Found it

Odd Spots - Spaceship House - OU008E SC 7/3/12

Paint Crew - OU009C NC 9/12/10

The Wharf in Louisville - OU049E KY 4/16/18

1 08/19/2015 ithink314 Found it

According to memory, I have finds or attendeds in Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina. According to c:geo map, I also have one in Washington State and Washington DC. So, I'll list:

http://coord.ch/OU0518 (NC, and my farthest east)

http://coord.ch/OU023E (WA, and my farthest west, and north, and closest to Grounded Inc HQ)

http://coord.ch/OU0273 (MD, and my most, uhm, meditative)


I enjoyed the trip back on memory lane. Thanks for setting this up!

1 08/08/2015 Bon Echo Found it

Just realized I qualify for this one, with finds now in 3 states and one province. the funny thing is, that one province is not even the one I live in!

Alberta's First Cache! - OU0740

Welcome to South Dakota - OU0812

Welcome to Minnesota - OU080A

And of course New York State where most of my (few) OCNA finds were made 

3 08/05/2015 kingbee Comment

co-ou0844 Durango museum

nm ou08a1 Nature center

ut ou08a2 edge of cedars

az ou08a5 Navajo museum

1 05/17/2015 NativTxn Found it

First time in a WHILE that I have logged a cache here. Whoop!!!

Besides Texas, I've found these 3

LA: http://coord.ch/OU0055 - Bourbon Street Webcam 

MD: http://coord.ch/OU04D7 - Say Cheese! BIT Cache

WA: http://coord.ch/OU05A9 - Eye of the Needle

1 05/13/2015 cycleangela Found it

Here's my list. Thanks for setting up these challenges!

Delaware - http://coord.ch/OU02CF

Maryland - http://coord.ch/OU03CD

New Jersey - http://coord.ch/OU02E9

1 05/12/2015 obxgeek Found it

1 Indiana -- Perk and News Again - OU012A http://coord.ch/OU012A
2 South Dakota -- Art and the Outdoors - OU0161 http://coord.ch/OU0161
3 Pennsylvania -- PBP - Chambersburg, PA - OU0313 - http://coord.ch/OU0313
4 Maryland -- To Lift A Nation - OU008D - http://coord.ch/OU008D
5 North Carolina -- NC Rest Areas - Kitty Hawk US 158 - OU0516 - http://coord.ch/OU0516
6 Virginia -- NoVAGO's Sweltering Summer Soiree - OU067E - http://coord.ch/OU067E

1 05/09/2015 Mr.Yuck Found it

I actually didn't find an OCNA cache in a State other than my own until 2012, when I found a cross-listed from Geocaching.com cache in Ohio. I'm now up to 7 U.S. States, and hope to add our only listing in West Virginia after GW XIII.

Maryland - Route 40 - Town Hill Overlook

New Jersey - Collingswood Webcam Cache

New York - Quercos Humongus

1 05/09/2015 kingbee Found it

if you stand on four corners you get fouur states

1 05/07/2015 tripman1 Found it



NY http://coord.ch/OU024E

FL http://coord.ch/OU065A

DC http://coord.ch/OU0438

1 05/07/2015 DudleyGrunt Found it

First finds in Maryland, Virginia, and DC.

VA - Odd Spots - What’s the Skinny? - OU003B

MD - Fort McHenry National Monument - OU008C

DC - Our Lord and Savior? - OU0096

Thanks and Happy Trails!

1 05/07/2015 TommyGator Found it

Here's my qualifiers:


OH http://coord.ch/OU020F

TX http://coord.ch/OU01DE

IN http://coord.ch/OU04C0



1 05/07/2015 Cachew Knutz Found it

Maryland, Virginia and Florida for us!