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1 11/07/2018 TommyGator Znaleziona

What a great Virtual Cache!

We had no ifdea this place would be so interesting.  In fact, we are planning a trip to visit the other nearby site when we have more time to appreciate all it has to offer.

We were on our way back from a few days on the beach at Galveston and stopped here to get this Virtual.  At first I was a bit dismayed as the plaque referenced in the description was not in the parking lot.  However, we decdided to take an in-depth look around and went inside---and found the plaque right under the nose of the rocket!

I've attached a picture of the plaque location in case there is any doubt.  Email with the date on the way.

Thank you so much for bringing us here!

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Plaque Location
Plaque Location
We were here!
We were here!

1 05/19/2017 ninjamom64 Znaleziona

Found the plaque inside the building not in the parking lot. Will email the year on a sec.

1 08/31/2011 geohiker Znaleziona

This is a great display.  I'm really glad it is now covered and air conditioned.  Thanks for the virtual.  Email is on the way.