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1 09/18/2011 Coffee Peddlers Found it

This was my very first OC cache find. Great multi! Wasn't sure where to park and I ended up in the neighbourhood near stage one, parked on the road near the trailhead. These type of multi's I particular enjoy, simple and to the point. Thanks for my first OC find!!


Next time you are in the London area I have a couple hides with more coming Wink

1 07/01/2010 rogking Found it

This was the 4th of 9 today. We were off to Brantford for Canada Day celebrations, and did some caches on the way. We have been passing this one on route to places many times, and kept saying we should do it. Today we did. I always expected more swamp and bugs for some reason. This turned out to be a nice little multi. We had to avoid muggles at times, and the BBQ smells from the houses nearby were tempting! We found the cache in quick order. I liked this one, thanks.

TNLN SL TFTC #2258 @ 17:40