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	10/22/2011 Borst68 Found it

I have been meaning to get out here and make the find on this one.  Today was the day.  At leg one I looked where I thought it should be only to find it laying on the ground nearby.  I put it back where I originally looked rather than throwing it on the ground.  I am sure the racoons will play with it tonight, making my efforts in vain but I'm good with that.  Leg two had traditional Akron coords.  I missed it when I looked there the first time and then proceeded to a target that fit the hint.  No dice.  I returned to the first target and made the find.  On the way to leg 3, I took some time to search for the frog cache near by.  Initially I struck out there so I kept climbing and headed for this zero.  After a brief search, I had the can in hand.  Retracing my steps eventually resulted in a find of the other cache I was looking for. This is a cool little forest.  I enjoyed the solitude after riding the gauntlet earlier in the day.  TFTC.