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9 12/09/2010 team_goobie Cache archived

Cache was archived.

1 10/13/2010 elway7 Found it

talked to ray about meeting up to find this cache .met up with Ray and some homeless Dude that i didnt see until later .seems like i have been here before . 2ND to sign this for opencaching

1 10/13/2010 ray461 Found it

Found it w Elway7 this afternoon! Nice hide spot w exception of the homeless dude that hangs out nearby! LOL

1 10/09/2010 applejohn Found it

 I saw this listing and thought it would be cool to be FTF on the first Opencaching cache published in Reno so I went over there this morning  and resigned a log book I had first signed a long time ago.  Aftyer that I went in the store and bought supplies to make a nice game hen dinner for my honey who is returning this afternoon after 11 days in Alaska.Cool