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9 01/18/2017 TermiteHunter Cache archived

Since the container, Logger II, is missing, this too is lost.

1 08/31/2014 Recommendation sfcchaz Found it

DudleyGrunt and I came down to North Carolina to seek some OCNA caches. They are many, many OCNA caches in the Charlotte area and we wanted to seek them during the current contest going on the OCNA site.

Today I found 45 OCNA cahes, 5 Groundspeak caches, 1 GPSgames.org cache , 1 Opencaching.com cache and several possible Terracaching.com locationless caches.

SCORE LaughingLaughingWink. Definately giving this one a recommendation for all the nice caches here. Wink We concealed it much better than we found it. With the color of the lid it was likely to get muggled sooner or later. Typical UPS hide. TFTC

1 08/31/2014 DudleyGrunt Found it

Was down from Maryland with sfcchaz for a (mostly) alt-caching run thru Charlotte.  This was day two, after a surprisingly well attended 0630 (AKA o'dark thirty) event at Krispy Kreme (maybe that explains it).

Was glad to log the nearby GS puzzle after reading the warning on the cache page and deciding to look around.

We had a great time and definitely plan to make a return trip some time.

I really need to do one of these at home.  Found something similar in Buffalo area and now this one.  I am over due.  Thanks for promoting all the indy caching sites and games!

Thanks and Happy Trails!

1 05/17/2014 rvstauff Found it

Got it!


This BIT cache will setve me well in the GCGC contest!


Thanks for the cache, TH!

1 05/22/2013 NASCAR3nut Found it

With a little assistance, I was able to finally find this one. I tried to scan and log on site, but it wasn't working on my phone for some reason. I forgot to get the password so I was going to plan a return trip. After logging on all the other sites, the password magically came to me (in the form of a text message) and now I recall seeing it in the cache. Now I am able to log this one!

1 03/30/2013 QueensGrantMusic Found it

Found this in Logger II.  

I am now going to spend longer logging all these books than I did trying to find them.



1 03/28/2013 Mrs. HB31 Found it

Found this one with the HB31 boys.  Took us two tries to locate this one.  TFTH!

1 03/28/2013 HB31 Found it

Wow, that's a lot of logs! Had no idea there were so many caching alternatives. Took two trips and a hint to find but we prevailed! TFTC!

1 03/14/2013 therapaint Found it

FTF on another bit cache - got the triple-play with this cache - cool! Thanks for the fun TH!