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3 11/30/2010 Szuchie Comment

Hmm, maybe next year we can get Dunkin Donuts and Yuengling to sponsor this event.  Then we can have Huck sing some karaoke, American Idol style baby!

7 11/27/2010 Cayuga Crew attended the event

Well its been more than 24 hours since the conclusion of the the first annual Donuts and Brews Opencaching event held at Chestnut Ridge Park Thanksgining morning.  I honestly didn't even consider submitting this as an event until late Wednesday evening after consuming my fifth vodka/cranberry and concluding an inane conversation with H-Grizzly Adams.  Frankly I didn't know what to expect when I arrived at the park and was surprised tofind a small group of cachers there awaiting the start of the event.....


Things really got hopping when the event moved indoors for a Thanksgiving sing a long which H- Bedazzle seemed to really enjoy...





At the conclusion of the event which seemed to be enjoyed by everyone in attendance we gathered for a group photo on the sledding hill.   I can't wait till next year.  Thanks to all who attended for making it "MEGA"  or as Lisa Rodriguez would say  " HUUUUUUUGE "

3 11/25/2010 Cayuga Crew Comment

Last minute arrangements had to be made for a substitute event location after it was learned the booked "hall" apparently had been blown away.  Thankfully the room is still viewable and will live on as an image in google earth.


3 11/25/2010 Cayuga Crew Comment

One of the early arrivals to today's event......


7 11/25/2010 H to the Bizzle attended the event

Sometime back in the 1960's while watching re-runs of the "Brady Bunch" play on an endless loop, a young cacher had an epiphany about what he would do to celebrate Thanksgiving in the 2000's. While he would still engage in festivities involving loads of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, cranberries, biscuits, carrots, cauliflower, salad, macaroni and cheese, ice cream, fried chicken, and my personal favorite pumpkin pie, he would start the day right - with doughnuts, beer, and adventures in the woods as a pregame to the meal that would come later in the day.

His vision didn't come to complete fruition until the advent of the internet and its widespread usage affected everyone. This medium allowed him to summon people crazy enough to share the same dream. Beginning in the upper-mid-to late 2000's we have created and followed a tradition of celebrating the holiday each and every year (although we seem to have missed a year or two by my count...) with epic adventures involving water, mud, ravines, and good old fashioned ammoboxes in the woods.

Today we decided to celebrate our annual tradition in Chestnut Ridge.... or "Das Ridge" as Szuchie calls it. This event also happened to have a certain historical significance to it as it also was the first (outdoor)OpenCaching event ever held in the United States. We were proud of the occassion and took many photos of the celebrations that occured in the bitter cold freezing rain and wind. Despite these elements we had what may be considered the best damn event ever. I couldn't have asked for better company to start the day off with and remind me of the friendships I'm thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

H to the Bizzle! in his first ever OpenCache appearence.

7 11/25/2010 Szuchie attended the event

This was a special event for me.  You see, while this was the first annual event for Thanksgiving Brews and Donuts, it was in fact my fifth annual Thanksgiving morning cache hunt.  This tradition started in 2005 as a harebrained opportunity for my best friend Johmer and I to get up early and do a few caches before turkey time.  The idea was that while everyone else was out hunting big game, wed be out hunting caches.  It was silly sure, but it was always a great time.  I believe our first geo-Thanksgiving was to Williamsville, with the sole focus of doing Urkels earth cache (which at the time I think was probably one of the only ones in the area before they brought that cache type back). 

Since that time, Ive spent every Thanksgiving morning outdoors finding caches.  As time went on, Johmer wasnt always able to make it to these adventures as he was blessed with a beautiful family.  So each year, others gradually started sharing this annual tradition with me.  Plans were never necessarily set in stone it just worked out splendidly that I was able to meet up with great friends and enjoy the woods while keeping with tradition alive and well.

This year I had my peepers set on spending geo-Thanksgiving in Chestnut Ridge.  It was very fortunate that Cayuga and his mad event planning skillz set up this event.  While the notice was short, it certainly was wonderful commemorating this tradition&which obviously has become really special to me.  Anyway, I started my day pretty early, and set out hiking through the woods.  After several calls, unintelligible Cayuga text messages from his brand new hot pink Dyslexo-Matic 500, the event goers brought the party to me and joined me mid-cache hunt.  From there we enjoyed a great hike to complete the journey, and after a couple other stops throughout the park, we all returned to Event HQ where the celebration of this epic OC Event commenced.  Beer was drank, donuts were chomped up and many laughs were had.  Heck, we even did a group photo with expensive handcrafted banners. 

A huge massive thanks to Cayuga and Huck for making this one of the most interesting geo-Thanksgiving mornings ever and for braving the elements to pull off an event of such gargantuan proportions.  I think next year well shoot for an OC Mega Event.  Thanks so much guys I had a blast. 


PS: Cheers Mate!!!

3 11/25/2010 Mr.Yuck Comment

I have a little Thanksgiving pre-black Black Friday shopping to do. Then I found a cache in North Tonawanda. Sounds like a blast, have fun. I hope to receive text message updates on the frivolity.

8 11/25/2010 H to the Bizzle will attend the event

I'll be there bright and early..

Now where did I put that banner? Laughing

8 11/25/2010 Szuchie will attend the event

Hmm...odd that this sounds like the same event I've been going to for years...


Let's hope the banner makes a triumphant return this year...

3 11/25/2010 Sabrefan7 Comment

Being of the Irish persuasion, I never drink before 5,,,,, Its just to early in the morning. 8 am is fine though.  Unfortunately as much as I would like to get out there, I would get some serious cold stares and grumble soup for Turkey Day Dinner. (she knows I dont hunt so I cant even lie) If festivities were not at Sabrefan Central I may have been able to escape for a few.  Thanks for the invite but sadly I cant make it.

8 11/24/2010 Cayuga Crew will attend the event

I know at least one of me is going to pick up that other dyslexic cacher for West Seneca  H-BizzleDrizzleSizzle or whoever he is now a days.