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1 07/30/2013 Mr.Yuck Found it

Sorry to hear of Florence's passing a month or so after her 80th Birthday. I came to Xenia as an OC Admin to find some of our OC's, although I see this one is cross-listed on Geocaching.com. After a grueling uphill hike (By Ohio standards), I found the woods surprisingly open, which they didn't appear to be from the start point. Made my way to the cache area, and found it in about the 3rd place I looked. Signed in, and did not trade. When I got out of the woods, I was awarded with an amazing view (again, by Ohio standards), but had left the phone in the car, so I didn't get any pictures. I was already running late, and was looking at a 404 mile trip home (this cemetery was in fact my last caching stop before heading home). Thanks for the cache, and RIP Florence!

Oh, changing my DNF to a find, that was the other cache in the cemetery.

1 08/06/2012 Bernoulli Found it

I love the view from the top of Valley View Cool!!

Although I'd been here before for the GC, I love coming back to this location if only for the view.  I have several family members buried in this cemetery so I always enjoy a stroll around the grounds.  

Cache was in fine shape.  

OC find #2 for me.



1 08/02/2011 TommyGator Found it

Although the find wasn't too difficult, the GPSr had me going to and fro for a few minutes before things settled finally down and I was where I needed to be to make the grab. This is the third time here for me----once just as I found out that the container was missing from the previous spot, once when I came here and found that I hadn't brought the updated coordinates, and today---thankfully with a smiley.

We have traveled through Malvern many times and will remember Florence next time we pass through there. The view at the top is quite spectacular---thanks for the cache and for bringing me here!

3 06/04/2011 DJCreekCachers Comment

Coordinates updated on 4 Jun 11.

N 39° 41.607 W 083° 59.536

3 01/29/2011 DJCreekCachers Comment

Updated coordinates on 28 Jan 11.  Moved the cache a little further into the woods to shield it from muggles.  We had received a few comments indicating it was in plain view as cachers were were approaching it.

1 01/29/2011 littlepod Found it

Out caching with City Slicker OH after the Day 100 - osubrownsfan challenge celebration event this morning. I was able to spot this one using the GC coords. since I didn't know this one had been updated. This is my first OC find. TFTC.

1 01/17/2011 5BizzyBs Found it

I definitely remember the ammo can cache listed on gc.com that use to be very close to here.
I didn't even know it had been archived.

Anyway, probably should be getting ready for the 81st B-Day by now, right?

Spotted the cache from a mile off.
Well, not really, but I bet I could spot it from a good ways off.

Signed the GC log book and the OC log book.

Left: a 5BizzyBs Wheat Cent
Thanks For The Cache, Opencache Find #2

1 12/23/2010 bigdog421 Found it

Nice and easy...but this cache was never really about the hide...its all about this LOVELY vista!

Its been years since the since archived cache that was mere feet from here was found by yours truely. This is the best view in the Dayton area HANDS DOWN. Everyone should really come and visit this cache! I am so glad that another cache is finally highlighting this location once more. TFTC!

1 11/05/2010 PZ Dude Found it

Nice little cache. Saw the link on the other site and thought why not log it here. I guess I get the FTF. Quality cache in a nice spot.  

1 09/22/2010 boydfamily Found it

Catching up on a few OC logs - this spot has to be the best view in the area and so peaceful as well.