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3 06/01/2014 networkcacher Comment

My goodness it's been awhile since I could come by and hike these woods again.  Even with the long absence they felt very familiar.  The cache was resting comfortably.  I hated to disturb it, but I wanted this checkup to be thorough.  The contents were in perfect condition. Laughing Cache on!

1 05/19/2012 ucobear Found it

Been out of practice for me to solve the puzzle! When I get to the coordinates, I tried to look for something that matches hint for about 15 minutes. When I returned to the spot, I was thinking clearly why the people said differently at the logs. Then I spotted one thing and I slapped my forehead.  Zoomed to find it in 15 minutes as the description matched all the way.  Thank you for the pleasure with your fun cache!  My first find at oc.us.  

1 10/22/2011 sfcchaz Found it

I'm not sure why I was so stupid the last time I was here. I'm pretty sure I just took down the coordinates without reading the description. But this time I came prepared, or so I thought. I bushwhacked the entire way to GZ. Of course I found the much easier way back, even if it was a little farther. Although there was a lot of great swag, I TNLN. TFTC

3 09/18/2011 networkcacher Comment

Mother Nature had her way with the forest during the recent flood.  Finally got in here to check on the cache and I wasn't surprised to see the hiding spot destroyed.  What did surprise me is I found the cache about 100' away, resting on some debris.  The cache and contents was in great shape.  I moved it back to the hiding spot and took some new coordinate readings.

The coordinates have changed slightly since I was able to get good signal today.  The puzzle has been corrected with the new coordinates too.  The listing coords are only for parking.  Look deeper in the listing for the hiding spot.  Cache on!

3 05/29/2011 sfcchaz Comment

I changed my previous log to a note. I mistakenly logged it found. I, of course have not found it ....yet.

3 05/29/2011 sfcchaz Comment

I thought about seeking this one today, but I'm a bit comfused. The parking seems to be on top of the cache and it doesn't look (according to google maps) that there is any real hike involved. The description doesn't seem to match the coordinates and the cache is in a parking lot. Can I get some help here so the next time I'm in the area, I can seek this one?

3 01/23/2011 DudleyGrunt Comment

I earned a new "recommendation" today and after some thought, have decided to award it to "Off the Grid in Suburbia".  Had a number of very good caches to chose from, but this was one definitely deserves it.

1 12/11/2010 Recommendation DudleyGrunt Found it

2420.  Since the temps were going to be in the mid-40's, I knew I'd have to head out and do some caching.  Unfortunately, I got a later start, than I'd like to have had, but it was still good to get out.

Though, I've thought of doing this one on a lunch run, it'd probably take me 2 hours and I'd need to hope for decent weather on a day that I drove for my carpool on a slow enough day.

So, I decided to start here, today.  I enjoyed the walk and trying  to find the best route.  As I approached, I had a good feeling where it would be and my geo-sense didn't fail me.

Took large wooden decision die and a small wooden nickel from Atvar.

Left a folding frisbee, a few army men, a pack of wooden nickels, 2 Star Wars erasers and a Star Wars pencil.

One the way back to the car, I took the wide path until I was directly across from my car.  I ended up following a big buck - at a distance.  I took a couple pics, but even at max zoom, they weren't great.  I'll post one, though.

Thanks for the hide and the fresh air!

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Tracking a Buck
Tracking a Buck

1 11/12/2010 wetfit Found it

FTF...this was a very fun hide.  Used the clue and my geosenses to successfully track this one down.  It was a nice walk in the park and I spotted several deer along the way.  Thanks for a fun time. TNLNSL. THX4TC.

10 11/06/2010 networkcacher Cache ready to search

Cache ready to search. Sorry for the long delay, but you can go and get it now. Good luck and happy hunting!

11 09/29/2010 networkcacher Temporarily unavailable

Cache will be temporarily unavailable.