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3 08/01/2016 TermiteHunter Comment

Currently here


3 04/14/2016 TermiteHunter Comment

Currently in Iron Ridge


3 02/20/2016 TermiteHunter Comment

Currently in http://coord.info/GC4RYHR Tosa Travel Bug Hotel

1 11/30/2015 Falamazar Found it

Very cool find. Find this with a traveling cache.

1 11/30/2015 karen1962 Found it

Bit cache found inside of the Infiltrator Moving Cache/Travel Bug. Found in the hands of my caching friend lmuharsky and her husband. Glad my husband and I got the chance to see this before they move it along.   Smile

1 11/22/2015 lmuharsky Found it

Found this in a moving cache in Frankenmuth, MI. Will move everything along soon! Thanks for sharing!

1 11/16/2015 summitt2004 Found it

Picked this one up on Belle Isle, MI. What an awesome cache! Will move it along to a highly traveled cache so it can keep on its' journey!

3 07/16/2015 TermiteHunter Comment

After nearly a year the Infiltrator Bit is back in the wild.

Infiltrator and the Infiltrator BIT can be found in GC5NMKM http://coord.info/GC5NMKM 34-Paige Detroit

on Belle Isle.

3 08/01/2014 TermiteHunter Comment

Coordinates updated

1 08/01/2014 Rattrak Found it

Grabbed this from DarrylW4 during an event tonight. I will be moving it along. Thanks.

1 07/31/2014 DarrylW4 Found it

This cache was sent to me by my co-host The Bad Cop. I hope to move it on tomorrow.

1 12/14/2013 phantom_309 Found it

We found this bit cache durning lunch with friends today.  TFTBC!

1 10/31/2013 flower71 Found it

Nativtxn had this cache at our Harvest party.

1 10/30/2013 NativTxn Found it

A 4 for 1 deal.  I got the cache, the BIT, a travel bug and a pathtag. Whoop!  What a jackpot!!!

Found in Bryan, TX.

1 08/15/2013 Grey-n-Red Found it

I spotted this TB in the traveling cache Infiltrator at a geocaching event.

1 07/28/2013 TommyGator Found it

Found this BIT in OU054C (Moving Cache).  This BIT goes where The Infiltrator goes.

1 05/18/2013 Sabrefan7 Found it

Since Mr Yuk was kind enough to place this one close by I could not resist coming to look for it. Hidden in a nice place and across the street from a GC cache. I of course put links to both caches in my log for the other cache Wink


Thanks for moving it along. I left it in place so other near by cachers have a chance to find it as well  Thanks SF7

3 05/18/2013 Mr.Yuck Comment

For some reason, I've placed it at the brink of a waterfall again. Indian Falls, the waterfall that gives the hamlet of Indian Falls, Pembroke, N.Y., it's name.

1 05/05/2013 moxychiq Found it

Found this one while at a pub night.

1 05/04/2013 havocgeo Found it

Saw it at pub night.

3 05/04/2013 Mr.Yuck Comment

This BIT is now located, Oh, I don't know, about 5 feet from the brink of Niagara Falls, in the middle of the River. Cool

Oh, I also edited the very last line on your cache page which was the URL for the actual infiltrator cache, and made it a clickable link. On to the Event tomorrow!

1 05/03/2013 Mr.Yuck Found it

I have it, and will follow the instructions to list it's coordinates as the City center. Thanks!

3 05/03/2013 Borst68 Comment

Moved it to a new location near Lockport, NY

N43 11.889 W078 39.359

1 03/26/2013 Borst68 Found it

"Found" this cache in the hands of KK2005, who promptly dumped it on my desk.  Will move it along soon.

1 03/24/2013 KK2005 Found it

This was our first BIT cache. Found it in a nice spot. We will try to find it new home soon. Thank you for hide!

1 01/06/2013 *prometheus* Found it

I was given this container at our weekly Geo Brunch. With all sorts of trackables that I had never heard of, curiosity got the best of me so I took it with me to learn even more facets of geocaching. Will move along once I find a cache big enough to hold this or another cacher who is willing to take off my hands.

1 08/25/2012 HB31 Found it

Very nice!

1 08/25/2012 Mrs. HB31 Found it

I love the idea of a moving cache!

1 08/23/2012 GirlScoutBarrett Found it

3 08/18/2012 bamafan323 Comment


1 08/18/2012 bamafan323 Found it


1 08/18/2012 Boudha Found it

1 08/18/2012 stargatekrewe Found it

Found this one with the Infiltrator obviously. Thanks for the clever concept. I really enjoyed it. Neat event it was spotted at too. Happy Birthday opencaching.us and international geocaching day! Very cool. Glad I was able to log an ocus cache on this day. Great idea FA.

1 08/16/2012 FailedApparatus Found it

Found with The Infiltrator.  It is like a ninja.