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9 07/22/2015 Mr.Yuck Cache archived

Cache was archived. Test edit note on archived log.

7 05/23/2015 sfcchaz attended the event

I was running a little late and Mr. Yuck & DG was gracious enough to wait for me. My #300 OCNA cache! :)

7 05/23/2015 Mr.Yuck attended the event

Yes, we had 5 people who purposely attended this event, and 10 who stumbled on it. One of the 10 was someone who has logged caches on our site though. We also had 2 "will attends" who did not show. I think we were really hurt by the Hagerstown CITO. (Which people tell me there was nothing to do, the park was clean). At least 3 people I thought would come with me went to that. I guess we can't compete with a unique icon for a busy day challenge. Surprised

Thanks all for attending my 2nd event hosted in Western Maryland (even though I live in Buffalo, NY). If you would have told me I'd be hosting 2 Geocaching events in Western Maryland 2 years ago, I would have told you that you were crazy! We gave out some OCNA swag to the accidental attendees, so hopefully that was a good thing, promotion wise.

7 05/23/2015 DudleyGrunt attended the event

Ran right over as soon as I was free from my duties at GeoWoodstock XIII.  

Wow!  15 attendees!  And 10 of those were newly introduced to the site!

Thank, Mr.Yuck for hosting this AND coming all the way down for this!

Happy Trails!

OCNA # 346
All Geocaches # 5204

7 05/23/2015 Rayman attended the event

Well this didn't turn out to be too bad of a turnout. But like DG said, most attendees were accidental. Was pretty cool seeing the tower, and extra special being able to walk on a very very small portion of the Appalachian Trail! Thanks for coming all the way down here Yuckster. See ya back home.

8 05/21/2015 OHail will attend the event

Hope to make it.

8 05/21/2015 sfcchaz will attend the event

8 05/18/2015 Rayman will attend the event

I wonder if I'm one of those 3 cachers that Yuck referred to? I should be able to swing by for this event on my way back to my hotel in Rockville. I was going to stop here on Friday prior to this event being posted, but I can adjust my schedule accordingly. See you there!

3 05/16/2015 Mr.Yuck Comment

Well, we'll have plenty to talk about, seing as I was a U.S. Army (Reserve) Radio Chief. Laughing I, by the way, will probably be dragging along at least 3 Buffalo area cachers whom I doubt will post a will attend here.

8 05/16/2015 USN Radio Chief will attend the event

This will be my first OpenCaching event.  I didn't realize this was a separate caching game from the Garmin open caching site, until I became involved in a discussion on a FB site.  It's good to try new things.  I always enjoy visiting the first Washington Monument -- even though in Baltimore National Heritage tour guide training - (yep I'm a certified Baltimore tour guide) this monument was referred to as "that ugly pile of rocks out in Western Maryland"  over some 200 year old rivalry between the Washington Monument in downtown Baltimore and this one.  -- Don't worry, if you wanna know, I can tell you the story of both monuments.  I look forward to meeting some folks and trying a new type of cache game. - Thanks, Dudly, for the suggestion.  I'll see you you next week.

8 05/06/2015 DudleyGrunt will attend the event

I will be there!  Looking forward to meeting any OCNA folks who might be in town for the big event.  Look for me at the Kids Zone at the Ag Center during the day

Happy Trails!

8 05/06/2015 Mr.Yuck will attend the event

I of course should be there, unless I drive off a cliff, or get a really late start (I live 6 hours away). I will most likely miss GW proper.