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1 11/01/2015 Mr.Yuck Found it

This cache has been found for the first time in slightly over 5 years on this date! I had no idea I was going to be viewing Akron Falls from "the other side". Awesome area, although moderately dangerous, as the sign told me. I have several pics to upload, I haven't resized them as of the time I'm logging the cache. Ourstanding cache, thanks!! It's still in fine shape and dry, by the way.
Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
What we'll call lower Akron Falls from the top
What we'll call lower Akron Falls from the top
looking downstream from the cache site
looking downstream from the cache site
Upper Akron Falls barely visible. I imagine you can't see it in the summer
Upper Akron Falls barely visible. I imagine you can't see it in the summer
The untouched in 5+ years log
The untouched in 5+ years log

3 07/26/2011 Cski Comment

Stopped by to check things out.  Cache is in good shape and good to go.  Took some pics of my caching neophytes and some falls leapers as well just before the local police put an end to it all.  Police said someone broke their leg last week jumping off of the falls.  Only a matter of time before it turns into a casualty.

3 05/05/2011 Cski Comment

I do have another cache at the upper falls.  Coords located on a neighboring competitor website.  Enjoy!!

2 11/15/2010 GOF Didn't find it

Spent some time at zero, but not much. It felt like all the folks in those houses were watching me search. We decided to find some lonely woods to go caching in.


For those that don't know the falls just up stream are much more interesting than those you are looking down on from up here.

1 10/12/2010 Szuchie Found it

This cache was a curious stop for us today, as I didn’t really know what to expect. With all the precautions taken, we slowly made our way to the cache location. The coords for us were absolutely perfect, and after some poking, prodding and lowering Chicky down on some sting, we were finally able to sign in on this one.

We have never been here before, so we went tourist hardcore and took tons of pictures while enjoying this amazing view. It was made ever more awesomer by the fact that the fall colors were in full swing. This is a great location, and after ooing and awwing for a good half hour we finally made our way back out.

Thank you for showing us this spot. I would have NEVER known about this little slice of heaven if it wasn’t for this cache!


2 10/06/2010 Borst68 Didn't find it

Gave it a good shot but couldn't come up with it.  GPS was pretty stable by Akron standards.  There were a zillion places to look.  I spread out a bit from the zero and still couldn't make the grab.  I will be back some day to get this one.  This is a really cool place.  Thanks for bringing me there.

1 09/26/2010 Sabrefan7 Found it

I dont think I have ever stood up here before. Thanks for the view from across the way it was pretty cool. Found the cache after a short search. Im glad the corrds were good because rocks give me fits!


1 09/22/2010 Cayuga Crew Found it

Found time between rain showers to make the run to Akron after work today.  Made the find quicker than expected thanks to near perfect coords.   Made a second trip to the zero after realizing I was penless and spent a few minutes taking in the scenery before the  next round of threatening clouds moved into the area.


Thanks fro placing it.