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1 06/04/2016 Ericles Found it

Found with the rest of TeamABC on Air-Show day at ABQ! I thought about grabbing this one when we arrived but forgot about it in the rush of meeting family, getting luggage and all that. On the way out I did not forget! We were departing from A10 so I took a few minutes to hang out in A1 while the family prepared to fly in the nearby facilities. Cool I didn't even need to have the GPSR acquire satellites as I saw what I needed pretty quickly. In fact, I had seen it when dropping off the rental car and then waiting for the airport shuttle. We got to see a few World War 2 prop-planes motor by - a bomber, figher and what looked like an old crop-duster. 

Unfortunately the airshow delayed our departure by 45 minutes but we did get to watch the B2 "Stealth" bomber do a few loops and fly-bys while taxiing to take-off. That was actually very cool. The thing was nearly invisible with Sandia at its back. Thanks for the bonus cache to keep my vacation caching streak going! 

1 01/24/2013 Aardvark Found it

This gives cachers something to do during long waits in an airport.

3 04/13/2012 k3iv Comment

There's a similar GC virtual in the ORD terminal (GC5165) and one in the ATL parking garage (GCGFDE) for those who travel.  I'd like to encounter others too!