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1 01/15/2017 Moxyscott Found it

North of 49 (AKA Gottagonow) K9 and I had a slippery winter walk. Lots of bird song at GZ but on the walk it was mostly heard on the recording!  My first experience with this type of cache and it was lovely. Thanks LANMonkey. We found the container partly filled with frozen water. I knocked most of it. Smashed off what was clinging to the treasure. Cleaned the rim and o-ring and replaced. The log was mostly dry but the cache note at bottom of container was disintegrated. I don't think this container will keep out the usual elements. 

1 01/15/2017 North of 49 Found it

Enjoyed a walk in the park with Moxyscot and K9. Moxy's first cache on this site turned out to be a first to find! I had trouble hearing the recording with the background noise but Moxy didn't. And trouble keeping up with the pace on the ice covered path. But we really enjoyed the different experience and found the cache where indicated. A bit wet but log was dry. Tftc LANmonkey

3 03/06/2016 Terrible Ts Comment

I receined a 404 error when I tried to download the MP3 file. It appears to be missing.