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1 02/24/2017 JuggerMom7 Found it

I've known about Opencaching for a while, but I just never checked it out. Apparently, I was meant to tonight. I was in town with my family for the weekend, and after I deposited them where we were staying and went in search for dinner, I took some time to find a few geocaches through another platform in an area outside of my home territory. So how did I come across this one? I also Munzee, and a leprechaun landed here. I blinked at its description for a moment, then figured okay, what the heck, I'll give it a shot. Sure enough, I found my 2nd cache of the day and scanned a leprechaun Munzee too. Yep, a real two-fer! Thanks a bunch for my first cache on Opencaching.

1 11/04/2013 TommyGator Found it

A nice cache and a fast find. I'm surprised that this hasn't seen more activity---TFTC!

1 07/16/2012 k3iv Found it

Thanks for a quick find this morning.  The host has certainly seen better days, hasn't it!  SL.

1 03/10/2012 Recommendation phantom_309 Found it

Brenda and I enjoyed finding your cache today. It takes a "CO" with a big heart to place a cache that is wheel chair accessible. There are only a small amount of caches out there of the many cache listings that include this great hobbie for all to enjoy. I have seen others but "HATS OFF TO NativTxn"   for including everyone to get out and about. It means a lot for those who are  challenged and want to get on with life.   TFTC!  SmileSmile

1 11/11/2011 AgNav Found it

I'm getting FTF because I'm out munzeeing !! TFTC. SL.