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2 04/08/2017 Mr.Yuck Didn't find it

I was there I believe about 4:00 on a Saturday, and got lucky, no one in the area. Well, people inside were probably wondering what the 6 foot 210 lb. freak was doing out there, but the cops did not arrive! I thought I was following the instructions, but did not find a BIT. 

1 06/11/2016 Indy-bikes Found it

I came by just before opening. Since discovering that this local cacher had all these caches posted on this site, I loaded them into my GPS via GSAK and I will be getting them as I go about. This morning I went by and helped some folks clean the church, then I was free to cache! This was the first one on my list.

I followed directions and found the pertenate inforation and wrote it down. Thanks for the interesting cache! Everything was in good codition to keep going.


1 11/03/2012 sfcchaz Found it

#1 of 29 finds today. Spent the day with DudleyGrunt caching in the area. Found hides on 6 different listing services today: GC, TC, OCUS, NC, LbNA and GPSgames.

Very creative description to get to the cache. I had to think about it just a little, but made the find pretty quickly. TFTC

1 08/16/2012 DudleyGrunt Found it

3526.  Stopped off for an early attempt, on my way to Myrtle Beach.  Was glad to have a chance to do this early, since I've, personally, been hesitant to do it during business hours.

Quick find, this time, then back onto I-95 South.

Thanks and Happy Trails!

2 08/13/2012 Robbitandpaul Didn't find it

Our first DNF on Open caching. We have nevr done a BIT before so I think we need to study a little more then try again

3 08/12/2012 DudleyGrunt Comment

Came back by, today, while hunting a couple other Cachew Knutz cachesin the area.  This time I had a very good idea where it was, but there were young ones occupying the corral.

Personally, I think I'm going to have to visit early morning or over night when they're closed.

2 07/22/2012 DudleyGrunt Didn't find it

10:15 PM, Sunday night

It may have just been because I was tired, but I didn't know exactly what the instructions meant.

I didn't see any horses or grocery carts, so my next thought was "kids".  I would have check, though, I the directions didn't see to quite match what I was seeing.  Still, though it was late, there was a guy sitting not far away and I didn't want to go crawling around the playground.

No big deal, though, since I need to come back down to get to more of the CO's caches, sometime, soon.

I just decided that I wanted to get home and to bed after a long drive from Charlotte, made longer (though more enjoyable) by additonal caching, along the way.

Happy Trails!

3 05/23/2012 Cachew Knutz Comment

Congratulations to fredericksburger and beachbeans for being the First-To-Find this BIT!

1 05/23/2012 fredericksburger Found it

Co-FTF, first BIT cache. TFTB

1 05/23/2012 beachbeans Found it

Co-FTF. Enjoyed my first OCUS cache!