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3 06/04/2017 Bon Echo Comment

Cache coordinates updated. Sorry about that simrebel. I'm get one of these OPEN Ambassador caches into your hands I promise. I need to remake one that was lost in Texas and another is still waiting to be let loose.

This one was last spotted in Oshawa in GC6E4GN

But it might be missing AGAIN based on previous logs...

2 06/03/2017 simrebel Didn't find it

simrebel was here June 3, 2017 4:32 PM did not find at posted co Ord

1 12/25/2016 Norshley Found it

Woohoo! This travelling cache has been reinstated, and serendipitously placed right next to the brand new cache in Ingersoll. Scored the FTF of that one, on Christmas morning, and then the bonus present of this one.

Retrieved it and placed it in a new location in London, inside my Century Oak geocache at N42 57.585 W081 08.334. It's on www.geocaching.com as GC1VZ9V. Will also log the travel bug drop off here.

4 12/24/2016 Bon Echo Cache moved

Replacement moving cache hidden in the Harris Road Cemetery, Ingersoll. Hidden in an tree stump about 1-2 meters from an micro OpenCache that I also hid in this cemetery. Look in the tree stump, about 2-3 feet off the ground. Photo will be uploaded shortly.

new location N 43° 01.300' W 80° 50.820'

10 12/24/2016 Bon Echo Cache ready to search

Cache ready to search.

11 12/11/2016 Bon Echo Temporarily unavailable

Cache will be temporarily unavailable. Will prepare a new one and hope to drop off somewhere near London.

2 12/11/2016 Norshley Didn't find it

Sadly, the LL Stars cache which contained this traveller has gone missing! Unless someone has taken it out and not yet logged it a few months back, this one is missing! 

4 09/30/2015 Bon Echo Cache moved

The OCNA Moving Cache and groundspeak travel bug was dropped off into:

L.L. 500 Stars Challenge 


Located North-east of London, Ontario

N 43° 02.471' W 081° 03.267'

Total distance moved to-date: 167 miles


2 09/19/2015 simrebel Didn't find it

looked around for you but didnt know who i was looking for by the time i found some who knew you they said you just left :(

4 09/18/2015 Bon Echo Cache moved

Will be dropping this off at the Trackables exchange table at the 14th annual GHAGAFAP event in Rockwood, Ontario. The travelling cache is also a groundspeak travel bug, complete with a HQ tag that I recieved from a Groundspeak Lackey. It will interesting to see what sort of logs i get on the trackable page and hopefully some on this cache page.

New Coordinates:

N 43° 36.480 W 080° 09.074