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1 07/08/2017 akajj28 Found it

Nice view

1 11/06/2011 PaddleAway Found it

I am new to OpenCaching.  This was my first Opencaching find.  It was great that it also happened to be a shared FTF with my son, OBXGeek, who introduced me to Opencaching while on a cross country trip to Seattle.  Thanks for the cache.

1 11/06/2011 obxgeek Found it

11/06/2011 09:51 Found: Found it

We started off in Howe Indiana this morning and made it all the way to Melrose Minnesota by the end of the day. It was a long run but we managed to pull a handful of caches along the way to break up the trip from the DC metro area to Seattle Washington.

Thought this one was going to be a first find from the online logs but when we got there to put pen to paper there were a half dozen names aready on the page. We signed it and managed to cover our search and the return before heading off to find your cache across the road.

2 03/17/2011 Badwolf1197 Didn't find it

I tried to grab this guy yesterday morning, but had to abort due to muggle activity. There were enough muggles to see pull in the parking lot, but not enough that I could blend in easily. I will be back to make the find on this one when I can.