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9 03/07/2013 TermiteHunter Cache archived

Cache was archived.

3 07/15/2011 TermiteHunter Comment

Checked on the cache today and found the tool in good shape and the cache in its original condition.

1 02/26/2011 stargatekrewe Found it

See my first paragraph of Open Grid.

This was another fun one done with Bamafan. And yet another TH hide that I had thought about this concept before I had seen it in the field. Bummer. Snooze, I lose. Thanks for bringing us to this new location. The walk through the woods is always a treat. We enjoyed it.


1 02/14/2011 JonMcP Found it

Had a blast searching for this.  After parking and playing Frogger across Harris Blvd on this beautiful 60+ degree day in February I made my way into the woods not sure what to expect.

The air smelled like fresh cedar chips, and it got to be kind of hard to realize that I was just minutes away from Harris Blvd and Albemarle road.

Made the first find relatively easily.  Turned around from where I thought it might be and voila!  Upon spotting the "tool" and new coordinants I couldn't stop smiling because I knew this was going to be interesting--  no one spends as much time creating this kind of cache and halfway does it. 

New tool in hand I quickly made my way to the next stop.  The coordinates were bouncing all over the place due to the coverage, but still, I figured I could come up with the find.  Fast forward 45 minutes later, still nothing.  I would swear that I looked high and low, even investigating a mysteriously deep hole (glad I'd brought my garden gloves) whose owner appears to have shuffled off this mortal coil. 

Finally, as I was realizing that I was sooooo close to a FTF but running out of time I was about to yell out to the heavens for help when... 

Anyway.  I signed the book, took nothing but did drop off a geocoin I picked up in Winston-Salem over the weekend.  Replaced the tool exactly as I found it for the next cacher.  Thanks for the cache TH, I've never had so much frustrating fun!!