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9 02/26/2019 TermiteHunter Cache archived

Cache was archived.

The cache was removed last monyh and I forgot to archive.
Replaced with a new cache.

1 02/25/2019 ithink314 Found it

##**Came for the new GC, taking the double! Convenient parking. A little traffic, but safely away from it. Awesome sauce!**##

###**Thanks, TermiteHunter, for setting this up!**###

+/- 158 @ February 25, 2019 17:40.

1 05/04/2016 gbmcache Found it

Thank you, TH, for an easy find. I am hoping to use this as a stalk of you in the GCGC Stalker relay.

3 08/16/2015 rvstauff Comment

Still there log nice and dry. Was checking for a token. None here.

1 08/03/2015 GoinPostNet Found it

Quick and easy...I'm starting to get the hang of these! Thanks for another snowy hide!

1 08/31/2014 DudleyGrunt Found it



We had a great time and definitely plan to make a return trip some time.
Thanks and Happy Trails!
Was down from Maryland with sfcchaz for a (mostly) alt-caching run thru Charlotte.  This was day two, after a surprisingly well attended 0630 (AKA o'dark thirty) event at Krispy Kreme (maybe that explains it).

Had fun with this series.
Thanks and Happy Trails!

1 08/31/2014 sfcchaz Found it

DudleyGrunt and I came down to North Carolina to seek some OCNA caches. They are many, many OCNA caches in the Charlotte area and we wanted to seek them during the current contest going on the OCNA site.

Today I found 45 OCNA cahes, 5 Groundspeak caches, 1 GPSgames.org cache , 1 Opencaching.com cache and several possible Terracaching.com locationless caches.

We found several of there in all 3 "SNOW" series. Thanks for the series. TFTC

1 05/30/2014 QueensGrantMusic Found it

Right after Michael's closed, I got a Munzee close to here and decided to try this again.  I did not think I was going to find it, but since I have found some SNOW's on signs, I tried again.  Took me about 10 minutes of staring where I thought it was, but not seeing it.  And them there it was.  I had been staring at it the whole time.

Great job making these.

2 05/25/2014 QueensGrantMusic Didn't find it

Could not find.  Did not even get out of the car because I have not had luck with these.

1 05/18/2014 rvstauff Found it

I'm getting good at these!

Thanks for the hide, TH!

1 05/10/2014 CCG99 Found it

Having fun today grabbing some OCs with the HB31s.  Thanks for another one!

1 05/10/2014 Mrs. HB31 Found it

That's one more of this great series off my list!  TFTC!

1 05/10/2014 HB31 Found it

Was a pretty hot day for a SNOW storm - easy find and all is in good shape.  TFTC!

1 05/13/2012 stargatekrewe Found it

Felt bad yesterday when I attempted four OC caches and only one was a TH cache. So when the better half said she needed to go to Kohl's and Michaels I actually jumped at the chance to head back north and grab some OC caches along the way. The laundry list caches in my GPS were too far away, but it was still fully loaded with OC caches. So it was an easy choice. Today would be an OC day.

We also had to use extreme stealth as this area is very busy on the weekends. Fortunately, the nearest building was the one we needed to visit today, so getting this cache was a no brainer.


1 04/29/2012 hamfolk Found it

Found with ease. TFTC!

1 03/19/2012 therapaint Found it

The first of three snow storm caches this afternoon. These published while I was gone this weekend, and they were so close to home! Got the FTF on this one - nice container as usual - lots of muggles, but my stealth is long-practiced. Thanks for the cool hide!