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1 03/01/2011 Recommendation Manofsteel Found it

It was getting late this evening so I decided to bush whack directly to the cache.  Needless to say, on the return trip I took the trail. SL. TFTC.



1 02/28/2011 Betty Found it

You should ask me about my Nebraska story, or maybe you shouldn't....

Anyway, thanks for the cache. I know you are suprised I logged it!

1 12/05/2010 OneStepCloser Found it

FTF!! 10am Laughing

This is also our first find in Opencaching!

It was a little brisk this morning on the way to the cache...but being in Telge Park is like wearing a broken in pair of hiking boots:  both are real nice to walk in!

We found the cache in excellent shape!

Thanks for bringing us back out here!