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1 04/06/2019 DudleyGrunt Found it

Out heading toward a NoVA MAGC event with sfcchaz.

Wheel is missing, along with the cache. Hope it is OK, but since it was very clear where it was supposed to be, we replaced the cache with a temp cache. Something shall that shouldn't be seem unless someone is looking for it.

Thanks & Happy Trails, alongthepike!
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1 04/06/2019 sfcchaz Found it

I spent the day geocaching with DudleyGrunt. Our plan was to seek some geocaches in several different listing services before attending the MAGC Meet 'n' Greet event in Chantilly. This was the first find of the day for us and we were FTF!

As DG stated, the library was missing the wheel at the top and the log was missing as well. So we improvised a flat pack. Just a log sheet with a magnet in a plastic baggie. Secured to the "L" bracket front left in the top of the library. Should be safe as it is tough to see unless someone is being very nosey.

Thanks for this very nice library and cache.

12 10/18/2017 TermiteHunter OC Team comment