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Upper Niagara River Bit Cache #3 - OU04DA
Bit along the Robert Moses Parkway bike trail, Niagara Falls, NY
Eigenaar: Mr.Yuck
N 43° 04.700' W 79° 01.571' N 43° 04' 42.00'' W 79° 01' 34.26'' N 43.07833°  W 79.02618° 
Hoogte: meter NAP
 Provincie: Verenigde Staten > New York
Cache soort: No translation available (id: )
Grootte: Geen behuizing
Status: Gearchiveerd
Tijd: 0:15 h    Lengte: 0.30 km
Geplaatst op: 2012-07-11
Gemaakt op: 2012-07-11
Gepubliceerd op: 2012-07-11
Laatste verandering: 2014-08-05
2x Gevonden
0x Niet gevonden
1 Opmerkingen
watchers 0 Volgers
323 x Bekeken
1 x Gewaardeerd
Beoordeeld als: n/b
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Beschrijving EN

Park at the Waterfowl Viewing Area along the Robert Moses Parkway in Niagara Falls. This parking is available for Southbound traffic only. If you miss it, or approach it from the Northbound Robert Moses Parkway, be advised you may have to drive a few miles before being able to turn around.

Once you successfully find and park in this area though (waypoint listed below), this will be a .30 mile one-way walk along the beautiful upper Niagara River (i.e. above the falls) to a magnetic Bit Cache. There is an example of what a Bit Cache looks like below.

Extra waypoints
Symbool Soort Coördinaten Beschrijving
Parkeerplaats --- Waterfowl Viewing parking area. 12 cars can park here. Almost never full.
Extra hints

Zntargvp, naq ba ehfgl fgrry ornz, juvyr zbfg bs gur zrgny vf nyhzvahz (abg zntargvp). Nobhg 4 srrg bss gur tebhaq, hayrff vg zvtengrf.

Bit Cache Example
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