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Gulf Wilderness Park: The Creepy Red Trail - The Sequel - OU00C0
This is the second stop on the tour of the Creepy Red Trail.
Owner: Borst68
N 43° 10.666' W 78° 43.137' N 43° 10' 39.96'' W 78° 43' 8.22'' N 43.17777°  W 78.71895° 
Altitude: m. ASL.
 Region: United States > New York
Cache type: Traditional
Size: Small
Status: Archived
Date hidden: 2010-09-24
Date created: 2010-09-21
Date published: 2010-09-24
Last modification: 2012-12-02
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Cache attributes

In the Woods  Listed on OCNA Only 

Please read the Opencaching attributes article.
Description EN

The trail is home to many old deformed trees and large twisted vines.  Even during the bright summer sun you get an eerie feeling while walking this trail, as if you are being watched.  This cache and two others will take you for a tour of the red trail.  

Besides the general creepiness of this trail, one also must beware of several other hazards.  The terrain can be steep at times.  Rocks are also abundant here.  Most of the trails here have some rocky stretches that can cause slips, trips and spills.  If you slip on a rock and reach for a tree to regain your balance, make sure the tree isn't covered with poison ivy!  Poison ivy is the semi-official plant of Niagara County.  It seems to cover everything that isn't covered by thorns.   Stay on the trail (this is a tour of the trail after all...) and you should be ok.  If you do enter a rocky area, PLEASE be careful.

Parking #1 is the best parking if you are planning on doing ONLY the Creepy Red Trail series.  If you are doing other caches in this fine park, Parking 2 may or may not be better.  I have listed both.  It really doesn't matter too much where you park.  I have also included a jpeg of a map I made.  The Creepy Red Trail is the red line on the map.

Coordinates:  All coordinates were acquired using a Garmin Dakota 20.  Given the dense foliage and slope of the area, your GPS may end up being less accurate than you would like.

Good Luck and Be Safe!

Other caches in the series: Gulf Wilderness Park: The Creepy Red Trail (OU00BF) & Gulf Wilderness Park: The Final Chapter (Bonus)

Look for the coords to the bonus cache in the other two caches.

Camouflage Text Generator at



Additional waypoints
Symbol Type Coordinates Description
Parking area N 43° 10.500'
W 78° 43.348'
Primary parking.
Parking area N 43° 11.001'
W 78° 42.915'
Another good place to park (West Jackson St.).
Additional hints

Abg n ubyr ybg V pna fnl jvgubhg tvivat gur uvqr njnl.

Gulf Wilderness Park Map
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