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Waterford Deer Park Web Cam - OU0958
Waterford Deer Park Web Cam
Owner: simrebel
N 42° 56.262' W 80° 17.411' N 42° 56' 15.72'' W 80° 17' 24.66'' N 42.93770°  W 80.29018° 
Altitude: m. ASL.
 Region: ? > ?
Cache type: Webcam
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Date hidden: 2016-01-11
Date created: 2016-01-11
Date published: 2016-01-11
Last modification: 2018-05-08
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Description EN

Come out to waterford and check out the Deer,  

to claim your find Pose for the web cam  and goto

and take a screen shot  and post it with your log 

a little history 

The Deer Park in Waterford celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2012, and new fawns are expected to be born. The history of this unique park is as charming and venerable as the community that supports it.

In 1925, an extensive water works project was started in the town of Waterford. About 20 acres of land was acquired to construct a reservoir and pump house connecting a series of twelve natural springs, thus adding to the town water supply. This property had previously been the site of an apple drying plant. The easterly portion was swamp land but had been reforested with natural small timber. The upper portion and high ground had been systematically reforested with several coniferous species.

The subsequent undergrowth presented a problem since weed cutting was mechanically impossible and manual labour too costly. The property was supervised by the Public Utilities Commission, which arrived at a unique solution. Eight English fallow deer were purchased and released on the property in 1942, and as their numbers increased they kept the ground free of weeds and the unsightly undergrowth was trampled into a soft carpet of pine needles and short green grass.

Over the years a considerable number of deer have been supplied to other parks in the Province. The Toronto Zoo, Storybook Gardens, and Marine Land are just a few parks whose herds originated in Waterford. As the herd was associated Waterford municipal water supply, responsibility for maintenance of the herd was transferred to the Waterworks Divisions of successive restructured municipalities which included Haldimand-Norfolk Region in 1974, then to Norfolk County in 2001.

In 2008, the Waterford District Community Foundation expressed an interest in assuming the responsibilities of the Deer Park. In the winter of 2009 all of the female deer were killed by coyotes due to fencing breach. With only eleven males left, the Park demise was imminent, as the municipality no longer wanted the liabilities associated with maintaining the herd. The Foundation and Norfolk County came to an agreement in 2011. The responsibilities and expenses relating to the Deer Park have been transferred to the Waterford District Community Foundation.

The Foundation purchased three female deer and released them into the Park in September 2011 to rejuvenate and sustain the herd for years to come. The year 2012 will mark the 70th year for our Deer Park. It also represents a new beginning for the Park as new fawns will start to show up in June 2012.

Much of history is written of those who play heroic and romantic roles in big events, but it is the common everyday people who are the real heroes in the creation of a warm, compact community such as Waterford. The loyalty, devotion and foresight of everyday citizens, given freely over the years to the common good, are evidenced by this unique gift left to our town. The Waterford District Community Foundations exists to enrich and preserve our community and it is projects such as this that pass from generation to generation.

Thousands of families have visited both the Deer Park and the Waterford Lion Play Park located across the road from the Deer Park. These parks combined provide an excellent opportunity for family outings and are provided free of charge to all visitors.




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