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The House of Bat - OU018F
Owner: Fledermaus
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Altitude: m. ASL.
 Region: United States > Washington
Cache type: Traditional
Size: Regular
Status: Ready for Search
Date hidden: 2010-11-28
Date created: 2010-11-28
Date published: 2010-11-28
Last modification: 2023-04-09
4x Found
0x Not found
0 notes
watchers 0 watchers
519 visitors
3 x rated
Rated as: Good
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Description EN
To translate this cache page and it's logs, or any other web page for that matter, into another language, please Copy your Browser's Address Link of the page you are viewing (Example:, visit, Paste it according to instructions, select your choice of a language and hit the TRANSLATE button.
In addition, this cache page supports X/HTML and the Natural Reader program. This is a FREE Download and it converts Text-to-Voice for the Visually Impaired.
By the way, it would be in your best interest to read the cache logs for the past 30 days, so as to familiarize yourself with it's status, especially when specific log entries relate to the availability and/or disposition of Travel Bugs, Geocoins et cetera.



Help Us, Build New Bat Homes.


The Guardians of this Cache are Watching You!
(This cache is Monitored by a Closed-Circuit Security Camera system)

Every night is All Hallows Eve. This cache has a few unexpected twists you may not notice, when you find it. If a neighbor asks if you have found it yet, maybe that's because they have been clued in to what's going on! So, you better be on your best behaviour.

From the moment you begin searching for this cache, consider yourself a performer on stage and the neighborhood as your audience. If you perform well, I may nominate you for a Best Geo-Actor or Geo-Actress Award. If you cannot find this cache, then you must be about as blind as a Chiroptera! Got Echolocation?

Smile, you're on candid cache. The cache container is of an unusual design and you will find out just how different it is when you get there. Once you have arrived, it will be quite obvious where it's hidden. If you're very stealthy, you might not get caught by the cache owner!

While you are in Kitsap County, please take the time to hunt for other caches found at GeoCaching, GPS Games, LetterBoxing, NaviCache, and TerraCaching ! And when you get back on the road, don't forget to "Hang Up", "Slow Down" and "Smell the Roses".


It would be Very Unwise of you to visit this cache between the hours of Sunset & Sunrise. Furthormore, Do Not Block the Road and or Driveways in the immediate area of the cache site. By disregarding these limitations, you may receive more attention from the locals and or authority figures than you want!
Please keep in mind that Travel Bugs & GeoCoins are NOT Trade Item. Leaving a Travel Bug does not entitle you to one of the Goodies in the cache! Also, if there is more than one Travel Bug or GeoCoin in this cache, please be considerate of other cachers and leave something for them!


I have instituted a Higher Security Level to prevent a repeated loss of this cache and it's contents, especially Travel Bugs & Hitchhikers that may be within it. The Logbook is now located Inside the Lid of the Locked Cache Box. After signing it, please put it back in the plastic bag and in the lid where it belongs!


~~~ 3 - 21 - 39 ~~~

This cache is shared with other similar organizations. Therefore and when signing this logbook, please indicate the caching website with whom you are affiliated.
Within this Cache Box is a smaller plastic box, identified as "L.b.N.A. USE ONLY" and containing a Letterboxing Logbook, Stamp and Ink-Pad. All other cachers must sign logbook located in the lid of this cache box.


FLEDERMAUS: German word for a Bat.
CHIROPTERA: Genus for Common Bats.
DESMODUS ROTUNDOS: Vampire Bat Species.

We all know that birds eat insects during daytime hours. However, did you know that bats eat insects during the night? Imagine not having bugs around your house 24 hours a day!

If you really want to know more about bats and how they can keep away the bugs or to even build a bat house, just check out one or more of these web sites:

Bats! Why you should care. Amazing & Useful Bats. Bats are the only Winged Mammals that can fly.


THE FINE PRINT: To file a claim on this cache, your username MUST appear within the logbook, prior to signing in on the cache page! Also, please restrict your comments to only that which pertains to the Hunting and/or Finding of this cache. Inappropriate remarks, such as personal rants and raves will not be tolerated! Such claims may be deleted without notice and at my discretion.

Last Edited / Updated: 12:30:56 PM Sun, Nov 28 2010.

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