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Ether Quest - OU0263
Urban neighborhood to the woods
Proprietar: TermiteHunter
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Altitudine: m
 Zonă: Statele Unite ale Americii > North Carolina
Tip geocutie: Multiplă
Mărime: Normală
Stare: Ready for Search
Data ascunderii: 2011-03-02
Data creării: 2011-03-02
Date published: 2011-03-02
Ultima modificare: 2021-05-19
7x găsit
4x negăsită
2 Comentarii
watchers 1 utilizatori care urmăresc această geocutie
956 vizitatori
7 x votat
Apreciată ca: excelentă
2 x recommended***
This cache is recommended by: NASCAR3nut, stargatekrewe
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Available in Winter  Snakes  Ticks  Thorns  Special Equipment Required  Listed on OCNA Only  Bring Your Own Pen  In the Woods 

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Descriere EN
Ether Quest requires use of your GPSR as well as an Android or iPhone with a free App called Ethercache installed. Provisions have been made so that you may also accomplish it with an iPod Touch but it may be more difficult.
You may ignore the first stage coordinates provided above but they are a good starting point to begin your quest.

Proceed to:  N35 10.372  W080 42.867

In this area you should find the first Ethercache giving you directions to the next point. There are at least 2 at each point on your way, either will work. If you don't pick one up right away keep trying, move ahead or back a little until you get it.

 Once at the proper coordinates Ethercache will provide a message with the coordinates to the next stage in your journey. You will be able to drive from point to point until you are near the final. The last Ethercache will inform you of the final coordinates which you will complete on foot in the woods after driving to a location nearby. You will have to choose the best route in to the final.

Special thanks to Rabbit of Caerbannog for playing guinea bunny, testing the route and providing additional Ethercache points along the way so that as many can complete the cache as possible.



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